West Wing: Privateers **Spoilers**

I liked this episode, although I almost felt as though they left one out during the past few weeks. Maybe they did. No mention of the soldiers killed in the counter attack from Kundu. Only one mention of the situation in Kundu at all. No mention of Sam.

The opening morning scene with Abby and the Prez was great. “What kind of leader of the free world are you?” Classic.

I missed the episodes where Charlie was dating Zoe, but they really don’t seem to have any spark between the two of them. And CJ cracking up with the old woman’s name seemed a little forced.

I too thought CJ laughing herself silly was, well, silly. Amusing but forced. And I realized something important last night. You can’t watch West Wing with samll children who like to run around and scream. You miss half a sentence and it takes a while to catch up. I didn’t understand what Toby’s chemical corporation buddy wanted until the scene with the lawyer because my daugfhter let out a sqwawk in the niddle of a sentence. Overall a good episode though (as is usual).

I missed the part about the whistleblower too. Someone want to share?

I thought CJ was highly unprofessional, bursting out laughing like that. What’s the big deal about someone wanting to protest? You send out a press release defining the difference between pirate and privateer and let it go. Sheesh.

Zoey’s boyfriend showing up stoned…not cool at all.

And Donna having to force herself onto the guy they wanted monitored…don’t they have professionals to do that? I would have been highly embarrassed tagging after a couple of strangers all night. Poor Donna.

I don’t like it when they make the characters look like fools. These are supposedly some of the most powerful people in the world. Let’s show some dignity and respect with their day to day activities.

I didn’t care for it for most of the reasons above. Add in the completely unrealistic “hazing”. Kept waiting for someone to tell Amy, “You got another button on that shirt?”

Charlie’s a stud. Prince wee-wee is a weenie.

I didn’t care for Abby’s personality this ep. She seemed very unrealistic. She has been 1st lady for 4+ years, and was taking this overly personally, not looking at the big picture.

She bristled at the Pres’ paternalism at the end, but apparently that is just what was needed.

And the often play the top advisers as superhuman in their command of facts/law/history/possibilities. Was very unrealistic for Josh/Toby to step in it with Toby’s old friend. Would have been more in character for them to refuse to be alone with him where they could potentially be imperiled.

But I have to admit, I laughed my ass off when the door fell behind her.

Sure, it’d never happen, but it looked funny.

I kind of liked the pranks. Especially the olives in Will’s coat pocket. I guess I like to think that IRL stuff like that happens in the White House. As for the episode, I should also add that I was a bit surprised that it was on AND a new episode. I could have easily missed this one. Any word on next week?

The previews showed a new one with a problem on Air Force One.

I assumed that it will be the one aired next week. But I guess maybe that’s not a given.

Yes, I saw that and groaned. With all the intricate politics of the US govt, we have to do a story about mechanicial problems on a plane?

I thought West Wing was more intellectual than that.

Hey, it’s probably a plot device to allow flashbacks and introspection. Or maybe Jerry Bruckheimer is the guest director?

Except for Will’s great line, “You put olives in my pocket again, didn’t you?”

That one had me laughing for a while.

Going back to the Kundu thing, I guess they’re writing that out of the show for obvious reasons? Or did I miss something?

Obviously everything’s just fine and dandy there now that Americans have arrived! Just like Iraq will be within two weeks, right? :wink:

I made sense of it in my head by thinking "she spent the first three years being a doctor, so while she had an agenda, she also split her time doing doctor-y (or medical administrative-y) things (being on hospital boards, medical conferences, etc.)
Then, when she gave up her license (I don’t remember the exact term, but she somehow or other withdrew) she was too busy campaigning to do anything else.
Now, she’s got free time - lots of it, and an office, and access. Of course this is when she’d finally get into having and pushing an agenda.

It was enough to suspend disbelief.

Besides, I really like their marriage.

I love this show because I love listening to smart people say smart things about real issues.

It was a spike right through my head to have to watch them stumble around for 20 minutes saying, “a glacier melted?” Yes. Global warming. Say the words. How can anybody on that White House staff not jump to that immediate conclusion? Pain, pain, pain.

Let’s hope they get back to business next week and get past the hazing, and the misuse of Donna, and the spectacle of politically experienced lawyers - having gone through a set of depositions that might have killed their careers - not thinking about consequences, and the pathetic Mary Louise Parker being brought back to the show, and into something good.

But the Bartletts are an old married couple if I ever saw one, and my 30th anniversary is coming up.

“Operation Resting Eagle”… that whole dialog was hysterical.

And I liked CJ’s reaction to Mrs. Coatsworth-Haye; there are times when even the most professional of political people just lose it, and Mrs. C-H’s delivery on that line was enough to make anybody guffaw. I’d just like to see the outtakes where the rest of the cast in that scene lost it, too. Will Bailey was looking like he was on the edge for a bit. Fracis Scott Key Key indeed.

I liked the references to the time of day; people being a little bleary in the mornings, Toby finishing up his breakfast at his desk. It was humanizing.

And I agree that there were some things that didn’t seem realistic, but at the moment, stupid behavior from government officials seems to be the norm, so I’m ready to suspend that disbelief.

I think this was my least favorite episode ever.

Abby is a very strong and outspoken person, and I have always admired her character. One thing I like about the character is how her strong statements and forceful personality are always tempered with a sense of compassion and humor. That was completely absent in this episode. She wasn’t just on wheels; the lady had treads.

Second, the whole whistleblower plotline blew chunks all over the place. Josh would have spotted that a mile away. I think the writers tried to shoehorn a little credibility back into the situation with Toby’s, “Were you absent in lawschool when they went over that little section of the Federal law?” bit, but it didn’t work.

Amy is entirely to smart and knowledgeable to have been running around dazed and confused as she was. It was embarrassing. Amy is consistently one of my favorite characters, not to mention the hottest, and it was painful to watch her this episode.

Will was good.

The Donna babysitter plotline would never, I don’t think, actually happen. They would tell the guy his background check had a blip, he’s only allowed in areas X Y and Z and will be monitored at all times, sorry about any inconvenience this may cause.

CJ would never have been that unprofessional. You don’t run a major PR firm and then step up as Press Secretary without at least a modicum of self-control in any situation.

Did I mention that Will was good? I hope so, because that was really the only good thing about the episode. Here’s hoping it was a fluke.