Westercon 67 in Salt Lake City-Anyone going?

I am seriously thinking about going to Westercon next year. I haven’t been to a Westercon in a decade and a half, so I’m overdue. I’ve always wanted to visit Salt lake City, and now’s the chance.
Anyone else thinking of going?

Nobody going to Westercon?

I had to look up what Westercon was. I guess I am not very well read. :smack:

It’s a floating science fiction convention, and any U.S. city west of the 104th meridian west can put in a bid to host it. Next year it’s in Salt Lake City, and the year after it’s in San Diego. Cory Doctorow is the GOH of Westercon 67.

I haven’t been to a con in years; I’ll have to give this one some thought since it’s just up the road from me. Thanks for the heads up, Czarcasm.