Wet Reckless vs. DUI

A friend was discussing a third friend’s DUI case and mentioned that the charges had been plea bargained down to a “wet reckless”. What does wet reckless mean and how is it different from a DUI? I assume it still means driving under the influence, but is that what one would get if they’re pulled over and tested lower than .08 BAC? Does it mean that the friend will not have a DUI on his record and instead get a point or two on his record for reckless driving? What will it mean for his insurance rates? (Oh, yeah. We’re talking about California.)

not my area of specialization, but I thin k I recognize defense bar jargon–

I speculate that it connotes an official reduction of the charge to reckless driving (ie, NOT a dui) but with some form of recognition (whether official ort unofficial )that the underlying offense was more significant than “mere” recklessness, setting the table for eitherf sentencing at the upper end of normal reekless sentences, o9r PERHAPS (rampant speculation) embvodying some sort of plea involving prbation with restrospective charvge ar4eduction folloowing some period of good behavior, failing which the dui is considered to have been the subject of the guilty plea, forstalling any collateral challenge by the miscreant.

In short, I don’t really KNOW the answer, but why let that ionhitit me,?–(I DID stay at a holiday inn express last niight)

Here is a cite which expians it pretty well. My ex roommate pleaded his down. It appears it is handled similar to DUI except that it won’t count as a prior conviction IF the defendant stays clean for a certain number (7-10) years. I believe they are used in very borderline cases as well as when the defendant has a 0 Blood alcohol level, but is under the influence of a small amount of marijuana or prescribed pain medicine.

The entire site has plenty of interesting information on dui laws.