"What a drag!"

I have been annoying my son with this joke for years.

Every time I see the cliche, where the guy falls from the horse and is scraped along the ground for about a half a mile…

I cannot help but say “What a drag!”

Tonight I see that joke relflected in an ad for a Disney: Snow Dogs 2? A guy is being pulled through the snow and the dog says: “What a drag”

How common is this? There have been a number of jokes that flash through the culture.

Do they originate from any number of locations ( the mathematical random monkey Shakespeare theorem)


From one location and quickly spread by the media…

I used to be called a nerd. I would say “I’m not a nerd, nerds are smart, I’m more of a dork!”

I was watching Simpsons the other day and Bart called Milhouse a Nerd, to which he replies; “I’m not a nerd, nerds are smart.”
This makes me sad…

When I was in grade 7 me & my mates used to record silly little parodies of pop songs. For some reason most of them involved Hare Krishnas.

One of them was “Talkin’ 'bout my Ken-L-Ration”
About a year later, Saturday Night Live used the same title (with a hundred others) in a fake ad.