What a weird time for that commercial!

I hope I’m not in the wrong forum for this.

I just heard a rather unfortunate placement for a promo of Hunger Point, which is a movie about eating disorders. Right before that was a spot about some drug company looking for underweight teens to test a new supplement.

Yeah, I know this was purely by chance but my brain had a bit of trouble shifting gears that quickly.

That wasn’t the first time I encountered that sort of coincidence, I remember having just finished watching an episode of “Quincy” once; that episode featured a woman had died from some bad diet pills. What do you think came on next? A commercial for diet pills!

I wouldn’t be so sure: someone may have been having some fun. I know that if I had the task of allocating various sponsor spots, and I saw two that looked like they belonged together, I’d sure put them together. A commercial for constipation relief followed by one for Depends undergarments. An ad for McDonald’s followed by one for Rolaids. Not every day, mind you.

I believe I even once saw two competing kitchen doodads (not the pasta pots, but along those lines … maybe it was those pancake flipper things) go head-to-head during a commercial break. I have no doubt that engineer was having some fun.