What album did you most instantaneously want to buy?

From a friend of one of the guys in the Wondermints, it’s having your best childhood dream come true.

My album was Concrete Blonde’s first album. I was working at a record store when it came out, and bought the last copy in the store as soon as the second song was done on the in-store play copy.

Heh. Ian came to my show at the Black Cat a couple of weeks ago - the sound guy was also the manager/somethingorother and had to go do other things after we checked sound, so (unbeknownst to me at the time) he ended up tweaking a few levels for us. Seems like a really good guy.

He’s playing baritone guitar in a duo called the Evens now; very un-Fugazi-ish, but I like it.

ETA: I bought *Get The Knack * based solely on the full page ad in (Circus/Creem/Rolling Stone?)

Off the strength of the song “Eriatarkas”, I bought the albums Frances the Mute, De-loused in the Comatorium and Amputecture by the Mars Volta. All I knew was that I loved that song, and I needed to hear more of that voice and music style! I am very, very impatiently waiting for Bedlam in Goliath, which apparently will be released in January. I’m sure it must have been leaked onto the internet, but I want to buy the album and enjoy it as a whole. (If I like the band, I’ll spend the music on the CD - they deserve whatever money they can get from it!)

I’m sure there are several CDs in my collection that I bought based on one song, or even just because an artist I knew was involved.

Back in high school, a friend and I had an ongoing competition to snap up whatever random Front Line Assembly albums would show up at the local music store (it wasn’t something they carried a lot of!) I’m sure there are some that I haven’t listened to more than once, but that’s ok, because I got to them before he did!

The Inner Mounting Flame and Birds of Fire by the Mahavishnu Orchestra (John McLaughlin). About 1972 they opened for Jerry Garcia in Boston, and totally blew him away, according to WBCM and the papers. Hearing just one track on the radio made me run out and buy both albums, and I’m still listening to them today.

Ditto, although in my case it was an iTunes free download of “Dimension”.

I heard The Black Angels on a podcast, and I knew I had to get their album Passover