what all careers offer realistic part time work

Technically all jobs offer part time positions, but they may only be 1-2% of all jobs.

So what all jobs offer part time (15-30hrs a week) employment for those who want it? It would need to be a job that pays $15/hr or more, and id prefer it require some higher education. So far the only ones i can think of are dental hygienist and nurse. Naturally self employed is another. What else? i assume alot of vocations in the healthcare field offer part time work.

I’d sure be interested in this too. My unemployment is about to run out… I’d prefer a part time job until I can get into software again. Thankfully, my living expenses are low.

I “kinda” have a part time job helping upgrade phone systems at our local newspaper, but that’s not going last. Once the upgrade is done, I’m outta there most probably. There’s been no work for two weeks though, and I don’t know if there will be this week. I got this job because I worked with phones for many years.

I also have another one sorta, helping a buddy install locks in hotel rooms. I dunno how realistic it is to find a part-time job in that area, I got it because he’s my good friend. This one sucks though, and the work is irregular as well.

I got the phone job from a friend too, now that I think about it. Perhaps you can ask friends if they need “gophers”, which is what I am technically on the lock job, but I do a bit more.

Social work is a good option. In my state, licensed social workers are hired as “contractors” for agencies who (by law) require lisensed social workers for various tasks but can’t afford to hire extra full-time ones. The agency I worked for until I got laid off two weeks ago, for example, uses contractors for foster parent training and licensing homes for foster care and adoption. The money for contract work is better per hour than a full-time job because the agency doesn’t have to pay for the benefits.

Disclaimer: full-time social work sucks the life out of you via emotional burn-out. Not sure what the part-time stuff does, though. Seems like it would be easier.

It just occurred to me that if I had completed the agency-paid adoption assessor training before getting laid off, I could license adoptive homes as an independent contractor. Lots of child welfare agencies hire LSWs for this task. My former employer paid LSWs around $700 per license, IIRC, to complete all the work. I think it works out to somewhere around $20 per hour. Missed that, though! Wah!

I make $12-17 an hour delivering newspapers. Not exactly a college-graduates-only type job, but it’s quite part-time, and I can work on my own business during the day.

Good luck.


College or community college instructor. These positions typically require a Master’s degree.

Translator or interpreter.

You could also think of part-time as being seasonal, rather than 15-30 hours year-round. This would add tax preparer and various tourism-based options, and probably more I’m not thinking of.

There are legitimate work at home jobs, like indexing, which is a cottage industry get-a-mentor sort of thing. You take some classes, hook up with somebody, and you start your business for however much you can get and want to do at a time.

My wife has put in for part time work as a flight attendant. It is only 25/30 hrs. a month, but she will retain flying privileges and medical insurance. To my knowledge it is the only airline that has part time flight attendants.