What all is contained inside a scrotum?

Tim to cut back on the skittles.

When I had a hydrocele a few years back, the doctor told me that they usually go away on their own, and that I shouldn’t worry unless it was still there in a few weeks. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

“Bob? You have scrotal fluid named Bob?”

My scrotal fluid has a first name
It’s O-S-C-A-R…

Did you know that the Dutch medical term for epididymitis is Pijn in de balzak?

Yes, really.

looks around sheepishly

Wait… are you telling me our balls aren’t supposed to glow on their own, naturally?

You mean yours don’t??? :eek:

Some killjoy reverted it. I’m sure Jimmy Wales would be disgusted - particularly because he’s a nutsack himself.

And it can be connected to the intertubes so everyone else can partake … (potentially NSFW) http:// Boing Boing Gadgets | Boing Boing

I don’t remember all those parts from my Operation game.

Dried blood from injuries.

I had some swelling and a mass that my urologist checked out. He later said it was semi-dry blood that he drained. Probably from my playing sports and getting hits in the nads.

Mine’s chock full of brute manliness.

I had a condition called a torsion once. I can’t describe how painful it could be. Basically some of the tubes in there get tangled and/or wrapped around the blood vessels supplying the testicles and strangle them. Apparently my case was not serious enough to attempt any kind of surgical fix, and eventually the pain subsided.

Quite a few years later I had a vasectomy and the doctor mentioned scar tissue, and said it must have been related to the torsion. Presumably at least parts of the boys were strangled enough to die, though not enough of them to make me sterile and save me the cost of a vasectomy.

Don’t worry, jjimm … there is a vas deferens between a man and a woman when it comes to these kinds of things.

“Buck’s Fascia” => Band Name!!! (-;

Damn. I feel like our collective extelligence has been reduced. Bummer.

The Wiki entry doesn’t mention the storage area for blueness.

Oh no you epidididin’t!

Hey now, don’t get testy.

“My word, Percy, I do believe your scrotum is glowing!”

“I’m just happy to see you.”