What Am I? (Game)

20 (or more) questions to figure out what I am.
I am a real object that is bought, sold and used, not something out of a designer’s imaginationClick here to see me
(Contrary to what it says there are no more photos)


Well 20 yes or no questions.

Do you dig into the ground?


Do you build webs?

ok that was a joke question… :slight_smile:

Are you remote controlled?

Yes and no. (i can be but don’t have to be)

Is it used for exploration?


Are you used by bomb squads?

No, but your getting much closer.


For starters, that thing looks like a Dan - so I’ll refer to it as such. Even though I know it’s not the machine Becker & Fagan adopted their namesake from, it just looks very Dan-like…besides, the name Hal has been taken.

Question 5: Does Dan, (this 4 legged contraption), have a practical use within the US Military or Navy?


If the late Princess Diana had her way, would you have come obsolete?

Yes (Well not exactly, I probably would have gotten through one of the loopholes.)

Last Q #7 from me:

Do the Aussies refer to you as the Ultimus Spider?

No, but very close.

Okay, i give up http://www.landmine.de/en.titel/en.mineninfos/en.glossar/en.flaechenverteidigungsmine/index.html

Here’s the answer.
Just as creepy is the anti-helicopter mine.

DARN, I was gonna say a planetary exploration device! Dang it!