What *am* I talking about? A game.

Figure out what I’m speaking in reference to, and it’ll be your turn.

At the end, she watched him ride the sled down, knowing that it was the last time she would see him alive. The dolphin came.


Oh. Sorry. Guess I lose my turn.

The Big Blue.

OK, he hides the trees behind Saturn, but he’s rescued, so he sends them away and blows himself up.

Until the dolphin reference, I was totally thinking Ethan Frome. But then I magically thought of *Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
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Silent Running?

Yep. Your turn!

They can’t figure out the beep so they follow the beep but four get killed and one gets born again.

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2001: A Space Odyssey

I hope speeling doesn’t count, unless I spelt it right.

I really wish this thing would remember from Preview to Submit that I want to include my sig … especially on THIS post! Kinda like HAL, just before he breaks into a killer version of Bicycle Built For Two.

Bingo! Close enough! Your turn.


Man makes man. Over the top NIMBY reaction.

The Sixth Day?


How bout Bicentennial Man?

Nope again, I’m not thinking of Bicentennial Man.


We have a WINNAHHHH.

Your turn.

Hmmm… How’s this:

A small group fights against a supernatural menace. A beloved childhood icon is prominently featured.

Star Trek V : The Final Frontier

A group of like five of them went up against the Fake God. And, the Enterprise was there!