what arcade game was this?

My cousin and I were talking about old (1980’s) video games, and there’s one I used to love; I couldn’t remember the name of it, though, and we want to try and find a copy of it. I’m hoping someone here will recall the name of it.

It was a spy-themed game, though it definitely wasn’t “Spy Hunter.” I remember that Spy Hunter was car-themed, but the one I’m thinking of took place in a two-level (I think) sort of hallway. You would go to the top level–and here I remember vividly the character jumping over the railing to get up there–where you would enter various doors along the hallway to get ammo, which was represented with little chit-marks on the bottom of the screen. It wasn’t the kind of game where you saw things as the character would see them; rather, you looked at the whole hallway(s) from the side and moved your guy from left to right. The only other things I remember are that when your character died, he did a slow-motion Hollywood-type falling act, and when he would get shot he would make this comical “Uh!” sound.

I know that’s not much to go on, but I can see the game and it’s driving me nuts not being able to think of its name. Does anyone remember it? (Somehow I’m thinking that “Run” or “Runner” or “Running” may be part of the title, but it’s not Lode Runner…)


Sounds like Elevator Action. Is this it?


Nope, that wasn’t it. The game I’m thinking of had people that looked more like, well, people. (And he ran in a very exagerrated way, kind of the way Conan O’Brien does when he’s doing a gag that involved running.) The look of the game is similar, though, except Elevator Action has more stories to go up and down.

Ah! Just thought of it: Rolling Thunder! Thanks for the help anyway.

Oooh, I remember Rolling Thunder… loved that game to death for about two months.

That and its kissing cousin, Shinobi.