What archaic clothing choices do you miss?

I like fedoras, longcoats, and suspenders myself.

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Three-piece double-breasted suits. Had a doozy of an authentic 1930s I sold before I moved to Turkey.

I have always liked the snood.

Jams. Huge loose shorts.

What’s a jam?

I love looking at men in kilts, and also in zoot suits.

Huge loose shorts.


I see. The sentence structure, or lack thereof, was confusing.

Not that I’ve ever worn one except in costume, but capes on men are seriously cool.

My SiL was teaching stereotypes to The Kidlet left and right. After he’d said he’d like to wear a long skirt and she’d explained that “men don’t wear skirts or dresses,” I told her “don’t let him find out about Scotland.”
:confused::eek:“You mean they DO wear kilts?”
“A lot more than you wear your own folk dress, yes. It’s a normal sight and if there’s a big match they’re all over the place.”

The look in her face was priceless. The fact that she stopped being so dogmatic? Almost as good as living in a place where men have legs.

Corsets. Togas too.

More fedoras! And vests.

I’m not sure how I forget the wonderful vest–except for the obvious fact that it doesn’t work well with the equally wonderful suspenders.

Real suspenders, that is–the ones that are fashioned with buttons. Suspenders that attach with clips are an abomination suitable only for Welshmen.

Pencil skirts with seamed stockings and a fitted jacket.

Gloves and hats on women and men.

Another vote for corsets.

cod piece

The Codpiece.

Also breech clouts

What the hell have you got against the Welsh? (demands the Scots-Irish-Anglo-Welsh-German mutt)

Besides which, you can wear suspenders and a vest. You just have to put the vest on over the suspenders so they don’t show.

I miss the shawl collar long belted sweaters of the 70’s

I miss the corduroy Norfolk Jacket

I miss the all felt bottle green Pij coat

Rhymers are eccentric and sometimes feign irrational hatreds to amuse themselves.

That’s one possible explanation. Of course, me being me, it could well be that
I despise them for their Accursed Prince, he who emotionally abused the Blessed Diana and doubtlessly breathed a sigh of relief at her death, assuming he did not CAUSE it. One day soon I shall have my vengeance upon both the AP and all his subjects.

That defeats the purpose of the suspenders, which is not to hold up the trousers but to look pretty. In a manly way, of course.