What are fertility rate statistics in the US

The total fertility rate in the US is about 2.1, so about 2.1 children born per woman. However I can’t find out if that means ‘most’ families have 2 children or if there are tons of people with 0 children and tons more with 4 children. Its a generic calculation and I don’t know if that means we live in a country where most everyone has 2 kids, or if there are tens of millions of families with 4 kids and other families with 0 kids evening each other out.

So are there statistics broken down by age and number of children instead of a generic total fertility rate? ie, statistics that say at a certain age (20, 40, 50, etc) x% of men or women have 0 children, y% have 1, z% have 2, a% have 3, etc?

Births: preliminary data for 2006 (.pdf)

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I think that this report from the Census Bureau has the sort of thing you’re looking for. Look at Table 1. For women aged 40-44 (i.e., women who are mostly done having kids, yes, I know there are exceptions), 20% have 0 children, 17% have one child, 34% have two, 19% have three, 6% have four, and 4% have five or more. (Just to clarify, this is births, not children that they’ve raised.) There is some variation, but two children is a very common option.