What are France and Germany so pissed at U.S. about?

I find this comment intriguing. I am not trying to be insulting (you said it, after all!) but I wonder if you might not understand the issues that you raise better if you simply analysed yourself if you are, as you say, an ugly american.

What exactly are the characteristics that make you an ugly american? Is it possible to extrapolate those characteristics out to cover at least some aspects of US foreign policy?

Presumably you are suggesting (it would seem inherent in the term) that being an ugly american is a negative thing.

If so, have you to some extent answered your own question as to why some France/Germany may have some antagonism towards you?

This all seems to be a bit GD’ish really.

Here the same kind of page for the french navy

Just wondering…To which terrorists and to which weapons are you refering to?

Gasp! I am so tired! If you are all right the consequence must be that both the EU and the US are idiots. What do I do know? Move to Antarctica???


That should not be know, but now!

If you wanted to be really nitpicky, the Allied powers marched on Berlin on July 1, '45 - slightly less than 57 years. And V-J day was the 2nd of Sept, so even more. But even I’m no that anal, so I’m waiting for an explaination, too.

wow, two wooshes in one thread. big ones, too.

I don’t think anyone is accusing anyone else of being “idiots”. If everyone is right, then France (in particular) and Germany have different opinions than the US on how the world should be run.

Also, its not an EU thing, but rather specific to one or two countries in Europe. I don’t think many people would accuse the UK of being anti-American. In fact, UK foreign policy is pretty well aligned with that of the US: the UK has been busy in Afghanistan, and is of course still patrolling Iraq.

PS - jacksen9’s joke is fairly clear! (And funny, too)

**Huh? 2002 - 1945 = 57. **

**Is there a joke here I’m not getting? **

Just thought the question was one that KidCharlemagne already knew the answer to probably.

I suppose there are two types of ugly americans and many are ugly in both ways. Im “ugly” in the second.

  1. What Europeans consider to be the stereotypical American - Fat, loud, wearing Bermuda shorts and a Panama hat.

  2. The American who is generally ignorant of foreigner’s viewpoints on various issues and is ethnocentric in general.

Kid - I think a lot of people tend to start out ignorant and ethnocentric - particularly if they haven’t had access to much international media or travelled/lived abroad/met foreigners much.

That’s not ugly. It’s staying ignorant in the face of enlightenment that’s ugly.

This seems to be turning into a different sort of thread, but:

Don’t the Americans hate the French? Certainly in the field of American popular culture, the French are abused, stereotyped, and ridiculed. I’m not aware of how the Americans view the Germans, if they consider the issue at all.

Coming back to this thread today, I found a list of official statements about the french participation in Afghanistan, from the french embassy in the US (dating from March, 22), which give a detail of the operations :

Here the link

French people are deservedly despised because they all bicycle around carrying french sticks in their bike baskets wearing stupid berets and striped tops with wreaths of garlic strung around their necks.

Argh. Damn board ate my post.

Anyway, what I said was something to this effect:

Sure, we make fun of the French, but it’s mostly not serious–the French are really the only nationality or group of people we can mock without being publicly crucified. Scratch at the surface and you’ll find it doesn’t go very deep at all.

For one thing, public demonstrating is something of a tradition in parts of the world, especially France. I am under the impression that in Paris in any given day, there is some sort of rally going on. So if Bush drops by - expect an anti-Bush rally.

I think Americans should find this a bit flattering…do you think Viktor Orban or John Howard’s motorcade would earn anything more than a few angry hornhonks from a cut-off Parisian cab driver?

And I would wager LBJ and Nixon were faced with far worse on their trips abroad.

That surprises me, considering that I complained about it once in a pit thread (that seems to have been lost in the Winter of our Missed Content), and I was pretty much crucified as a censorious prig for daring to get annoyed at ethnic stereotypes and slurs.

Would it be brown-nosing to say I really, really enjoyed my trip to France (good gosh, almost 20 years ago now!) and found that while the French do not always like the American government, they do seem to have some affection for Americans. At least, outside of Paris they do. And it probably helped I learned how to say a few useful phrases and proper table manners prior to the journey.

Actually, some of us over here aren’t entirely happy with our government policies/actions, either.

There was also some concern about France’s historical tendency to lean more towards the Arabs than the Isrealis and possible Al Queda cells in France. I don’t seriously believe the French government would hand us over to the Nut Cases ™ but our current administration is paranoid.

And still appreciated - since this isn’t going to be solved by guns alone.

The United States Congress has complained about the lack of information from the Bush camp! It’s not you, it’s the President

I don’t think we have any business attacking Iraq right now, either. Not that we wouldn’t love an excuse, but many folks in the US don’t think it’s justified either.

Well, please don’t think the US is united on that issue. We aren’t.

Much criticism on this side of the Atlantic about that, too.