What are Jujyfruits?

I got a bit nostalgic and I bought a box of Jujyfruit candies. There are about 7 different shapes. They look like:

[li]A pineapple[/li][li]An ear of corn[/li][li]A raspberry[/li][li]A squished raspberry[/li][li]A poorly executed Heide trademark[/li][li]A bell pepper[/li][li]A blob with 4 nipples[/li][/ul]

What are they supposed to be? They taste pretty bland compared to gummi bears, but they certainly bring back childhood memories. I like the green ones best, and dislike the black ones. I’m working on a sculpture using them and am testing their durability by leaving one on top of the refrigerator for a couple of months.

Well I don’t know, but I have submitted the question to the Farleys and Sathers web site. They are the parent company of Heide.

If I get a response I’ll let you know.

According to Wikipedia:

Yeah, I googled it after I posted. I wonder if back when the candy was invented (1920) they had much poorer mold crafting technology, resulting in absurdly crafted shapes. That Heide one is a banana? Did anyone even eat asparagus back then? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to make them fruits, because they are Jujyfruits? I suspected that the twinkie with the 4 nipples might be a pea pod, but come on! Also, it says that the green ones used to be mint before 1999. I don’t remember that flavor, but it’s been a while (35 years) since I last had them. I actually prefer Dots, but the Jujyfruits make for a much more interesting sculpture.

Everytime I hear Jujyfruits I think of Jujubees (those hard little gel candies). I never liked them. They’d stick to your teeth for a week!

I agree Jujubes are teh suck. Talk about automatically pulling out your fillings! I night have to buy a box to remember what they taste like, though.

I’ve heard they’ve reformulated Jujubes though (per Wikipedia) so they’ve got more obvious flavors. The old ones that I remember from my childhood always had a taste that vaguely reminded me of cologne. Didn’t stop me from eating them, though.

Last time I had Jujyfruits, I was horrified that they’d replaced the peppermint flavor with lime. Peppermint was always my least favorite, but artificial lime flavor instead? BLECH!! Licorice was my preferred one and I always saved the black ones for last; I once found a box that was specificially licorice only and thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Jujyfruits are Gummi Bear shit.

I always thought the pineapple-shaped ones were supposed to be fish-shaped.

Just a generic sweetness. Again, from good old wiki “As with most candies of this era, although jujubes are sweet in taste and generally colorful, they do not have the strong and distinctive flavor of modern candies due to the expense of chemical flavorants at the time. It is also due to this fact that the different colors of jujubes have little to do with their actual tastes…It is due to their density that the 1996 Gummi Reviews published by NewTimes, Inc., stated that Jujubes are “a nearly inedible delicacy that has less in common with gummis than with those prehistoric amber droppings that were always trapping insects.”
[edit] Product changes over the years
The original Jujube consistency, as noted above, was hard as a rock or a fossilized bit of amber. Due to the sale of the manufacturing rights to two subsequent owners, the Jujube has changed to a chewy, loudly fruit flavored gummy that bears little resemblance to the subtly flavored, suckable original candy”

Jujyfruits also had little taste. Honsestly I think both were invented by renegade dentists. I have at least two large fillings I can blame on Jujube’s at the matinee.:mad:

And, who ate them elsewise? Seriously, did anyone remember buying a box of either for general non-movie consumption? :confused:

Nothing so far. I guess by now I’ll be surprised if we hear.