More candy conversation

Well, as long as we’re over-analizing the candy we hate, how about the stuff we love?

I love gummy bears.

But not just any run-of-the-mill buck ninteen bag of candy colored corn syrup and constipation. I love the wierd German made Black Forest ones. They’re just so… Not American.

They’re stiff and chewy, without bieng stale. The color scheme is more muted. Yellow ocre and burnt orange and dull green, like a 1970’s era kitchen.

With the exception of the lemon and and orange, it’s hard to pin down the exact flavor of European gummy bears. Unlike their less cultured American cousins, Black Forest gummies dont follow the " Green=lime Red=Cherry Yellow=Lemon " equasion.

Sure, the green gummies have a limey, citrus vibe about them, but they also have a mysterious herbal undertone. It’s the kind of lime that would sit around a dark Paris cafe, drinking strong coffee, smoking hand rolled cigarettes and quoting Sartre. A world-weary, nilistic lime.

The red gummies know that we are conditioned to expect a cherry or strawberry flavor from them. They sneer at our expectations! They will give us only whatever tart, berry-ish flavor they choose to offer. If you don’t like it, thats your problem.

And the orange! The Black Forest orange gummy flavor isn’t merely something synthetic from a vat. It’s a dark, moody orange. An orange running from it’s past. An orange with a grim smile and haunted eyes who at any moment might grab you by your lapels and say to you…

“I’ve seen things…”

“…seen things you little people wouldn’t believe.”
“Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion bright as magnesium.
I rode on the back decks of a blinker and watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tanhauser Gate…”

Er, got off the subject there, but you get the idea. They are not the happy, jolly, bouncy, Crayola colored gummies that are everywhere in America. These were designed by Willy Wonka after a failed love affair.


I am NOT dark and moody! :wink:
I LOVE “ice cubes” those chocolate little squares imported from Germany. Ahhh.

Does anybody remember Fizzies? I really used to like them. Drop them in a glass of water (just like Alka Seltzer) and they would make a drink that was something like soda pop. Can’t remember if the taste was all that great, but I thought it was cool to make instatn pop when I was a kid.

Inky: Another “Blade Runner” fan, I see. The Roy Batty quote you gave seems a bit different than what I remember. Did you get it from an alternate version of the film?

In the previous post, I meant to write “instant pop”.


Gummi Bears are vile. End of story.

WHat I love are those dark chocolate oranges… you know, the ones you smack on a table and they break into segments? Oh god… divine!!!

“Meat flaps, yellow!” - DrainBead, naked co-ed Twister chat
O p a l C a t

guy,yes fizzies were yukky,especially the root beer. Did you ever think to drop em in the toilet? I didn’t.

If you’re eating gummy bears and talking to someone wearing glasses and he pisses you off (not a likely event, for sure) just bite one in half and stick it to his glasses, it’s a bitch to remove. If you want to really piss someone off you hate, do that, about 300 times over, to their car windows when it’s below freezing. Either that, or so hot that they melt everywhere.

Those oranges are okay, but eat too much and they make you feel orangey-pukey-gross.


Of course, I ate like, 3 whole ones, in one sitting, seeing as how I have such good judgement.

I’m with you, Opal…Gummi candy is GROSS!

Ice Cubes…now there is a candy I have not thought of in a long while…very yummy. Those chocolate oranges are really good too.

I’m currently waiting for my 20 dollar shipment of Violet Crumble to arrive in the mail. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

Weave a circle round him thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread,
For he on honey-dew hath fed,
And drunk the milk of Paradise.–Coleridge

Honestly Opal, first the milk, then the pop tarts, now the gummies! There might be no hope for you!

As for “Fizzies”, was dropping them in a glass of water just an option, or what you were supposed to do with them?

I remember the ice cream man having something similar. “Moon Rox”, little fruity gravel things that popped and snapped in your mouth, and “Atomic Bursters” which were candy that came individually wrapped in long plastic strips. They were hollow with some kind of fizzy powder inside.

the trick was to swallow them whole, drink somthing, let 'em dissolve, then belch the noxious gas in somones face (made carbon dioxide, I remember the smell). No very good apart from the novelty value.


Yeah, fizzies. They were supposed to be dropped into water, but I do remember trying one or two “straight.” They weren’t especially tasty–a bit bitter if I recall correctly. My mom loved them, though, because they could be packed easily for car trips and didn’t take up a lot of room like soda or juice containers. All you had to do was get a glass of water somewhere. All I really remember was the root beer flavor, so I guess I must have liked it.

The word “fizzy” will never be the same.

I love gummy candy. If you’ve ever got a bag of American bears (don’t waste the Black Forest ones for this), grab a mug and turn it upside down in your microwave. Then put your sacrif…um, I mean, put a gummi bear on the alta…oops. On the mug. And then close the door, chant something if you want to, and zap that bear for a few seconds. The gods…erm…it melts into a sticky clay-like substance that you can play with…and then eat, when it cools too much.

What? So I like to have fun with my food…

Damn you, Inky. How can you post something like your OP and then not tell us how to find some? At least with the scrumptious recipes I read on this board, I could prepare those dishes myself. [Yeah, right.]

My fave candy was Callard & Bowsers. (Their whole line.) I also used to wolf Jujubes. I have too many holes in my teeth now though. [I wonder how that happened.] It got to taking me 15’ to clean out my teeth after a box. That sorta takes the fun out of it. [There, I’ve ended on an appetizing note.]

Putrid, as always my recipies will be featured in December’s Good Housekeeping magazine. I will teach you how to make a festive holiday meal from things you already have around the house.

The special item this month is “Adam’s crispy sweet and sour Pop Tart Flambe’” wich uses those left over packets of sauce you get with chinese take-out. Magnifique!

Incidently, what’s “OP” stand for?

Also, does anybody else remember the ice cream man selling packets of red and blue sugar powder you would eat with some kind of edible, white stick?

Lick’m’aid, Inky, Lick’m’aid! Sugar with a sugar stick – mmmmmmmmmmmm. I was (and am) way into the pure-sugar varieties of candy, my favorites being Sprees (the original, not the chewy), and SweetTarts. SweetTarts in the morning, SweetTarts in the evening, no sleep all night long . . . .


Fiat Justitia

OP for original post is the only abbreviation I’ve picked up here, besides SDMB. I sure look forward to reading a use for my soy sauces. I have dozens of 'em.

Lick’em’aid! I remember trying to mix the stuff in water to make some kind of Kool Aid substance. Diddn’t quite live up to expectations.

Now that I’ve started remembering all the candy I used to get from the ice cream man I got to thinking about candy cigarettes.
How totally un-politically correct.

There were two varieties. There were chalk-like solid white sugar sticks that, in retrospect, looked an awfull lot like joints.

The other really cool ones were bubble gum. They came in a very good approximation of a Pall Mall box, were wrapped in paper, and coolest of all, they gave a smoke-like puff of powdered sugar when you blew through them!

Geez. Hard to believe that ever seemed like a good idea for children, huh?

I love you Inky you’re the coolest!! The brand name of the gummi bears you are referring to is Haribo, & they rock my world. I just finished eating a bag of Haribo gummi alphabet letters. YUM. But I always thought the green ones were supposed to be apple. Don’t they taste like apple? & you know, lots of apples are green, so it kind of makes sense…

Candy? I laugh.

The only thing worth eating is chocolate! The darker the better. It has to be milk chocolate, so it can melt in your mouth. No nuts or chewy stuff in it (like See’s does.) Just plain chocolate.

And to correct a common misconception: chocolate is not candy. It’s part of the dairy product food group, and contains calcium to help your bones.

La franchise ne consiste pas à dire tout ce que l’on pense, mais à penser tout ce que l’on dit.
H. de Livry

No Stella*Fantasia YOU are the coolest!

For the longest time I’ve thought that my beloved Black Forest gummies had been bought up and corrupted by come American company (some bags say “product of Deutchland” and some are made in Minnesota).

Now I have a name to go with my favorite treat and can probably order a jar or somthing in bulk via the net. Thanks!

As for green bieng apple, hmmm, you might have a point there.

Kind of spoils my vision of a world-weary iconoclastic lime. Now he’s just a posieur lime with a cool accent and bad B.O. misquoting “Leaves of Grass” in a Starbucks.



I’m a gummi-junkie. I’m in treatment right now, but the very best gummi candy I know of is:

Hi-C Gummi Fruits.
They are shaped like different fruits (duh), which they actually resemble in flavor. God, they rock! The only problem is that they are fortified with vitamin C, so gorging oneself on them has gastronomically unpleasant consequences.