I have a confession to make

I come to you, fellow 'dopers, hat in hand to share with you my secret passion. Much as it shames me to admit it, I have from some time now harbored a craving, a near obsession with gummy bears. That’s right…I love the things. Some folks love circus peanuts (I admit, even the thought of them turns my own stomach), and some folks like fruit cake (same), but me…I really, really love gummy bears. The kinds you can get in the states generally suck (I favor the big, 3 lb bags of Haribo gummy bears you can get at World Market), but even though they aren’t as good as the ones I remember in Germany, I still love them. Especially the red ones!

As I write this, I’m snarfing down a bag of the things while sitting in my hotel room and unwinding from the day. I just wanted to share this pointless, mundane secret passion with everyone because…well, just because.


Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

I’ve used gummy bears as ear-equalizers on planes. Which once led to the then-scary, now-amusing time when I had a panic attack in a plane and was yelling with gummy bears in my mouth.

I can get the 3lb bag at Target stores around me. I could hear the screams of horror from the Gummy Bears the day I learned that. Haribo Gold, though, are the only ones for me. I can’t resist them either.

Glad you clarified that. I was thinking you were stuffing gummi bears in your ears.

Picking this out of the teeth of MPSIMS and sticking it in Cafe Socirty.

So are gummy bears apparently, if you can find yourself in a hotel scarfing a 3-pound bag of them.

If it makes you feel any better, I really, really love the gummi cola bottles. I occasionally go to a nearby candy store with my friend, and her face falls when, every time, I head right for those tasty little candies. She doesn’t get it.

I thought they were in both.

You people are all sick. Those things are disgusting. I look down on you.

I’m partial to the gummy sour worms they have at the movies.

Whereas I was wondering how she got past the earwax taste.

The vitamin ones are my weakness. I have eaten 200000000% of my daily vitamins before by finishing an entire jar.

Soak 'em in vodka.

My husband has the same disorder as you, specifically the same kind as you. He would eat them all day everyday if I allowed him to. After the gummi bears are gone he will smell the bag until the smell has disappeared.

Now you can have them on your walls too!

Welcome, “XT”…
My name is Slaughter, and I too am a gummi bear addict.

Yes, the Gold Bears are the best. I have to buy them by the small bag. I am completely unable to control myself once the bag is opened, if I bought 3 pounds of them I might die.

I feel that way about strawberry twizzlers. I will eat a whole bag straight through.

I just wish (and am glad I can’t get) they made the big bag of gold Haribo gummies in all red. Or even the small bag. It would probably kill me if they did, as I’d be even more tempted to buy the things then (my habit is up to about a 3lb bag ever other week at this point…though, now that I know you can get them at Target, that might change, as World Market is a bit farther away and I don’t always know if the town or city I’m in has one, whereas Targets are everywhere).