Sweets, My Sweet

I just recently discovered Starburst’s Sour Jellybeans. They make my taste buds pucker in unadulterated glee. Ohhh, yeah!

I want to focus on **non-**chocolate-type candies and ask you what ones you like and what makes them yummy for you. Of course, this time of year, there’s more choices. What ones can you usually get year-round?

Zingy Zaps and Tart ‘n’ Tiny’s. They’re great for filling the nooks and crannies in the candy box once I have it filled with bigger candies. :wink:

I also like them because they’re small and I can suck on them.

There’s also a gummy candy called Blue Whales which taste really good, and so do the gummy Coke bottles. I think I need to get to the candy store downtown now, this is making me hungry.

Try Sweetarts new jelly beans, but hurry, I think they are only Easter candy. They are yummmmmy

Almond Roca. Oh dear lord YES. Even though there’s a thin coating of chocolate, it’s mostly about the delicious wonderfulness of the toffee and almonds. Mmm!

I just bought myself some of those whales last week. They’re fantastic. But my all-time favorite is Swedish Berries. I don’t know if they’re available everywhere, but I’ve been eating them since I was a kid. Now, I buy the giant bag at Costco. Sadly, it doesn’t last all that long.

What else is good? Green licorice ropes, SourKids, Twizzlers pull-and-peel, Jelly Belly beans, Fuzzy Peach slices, Skittles, Starburst…

This is going to be a very dangerous thread!