What are your all time favorite candies?

I just love Sweet Tarts, but I don’t eat them often because when I do I’ll eat so many that I burn my tongue,

A close second would be Werther’s Originals for their yummy caramel. I see they’re now advertising their own brand of caramel popcorn, can’t wait to try that out.

M&Ms and Nestles Crunch bars are on my list almost out of protest. While I like them, I think the quality of their chocolate is mediocre. It anybody can point me to some better class versions of them, I’ll send you some after I fall in love with them.

Snickers, Milky Way, Cadbury’s Raisin and Nut, almost any kind of good milk chocolate (e.g., German, Swiss, Belgian).

NB: In GB, Snickers bars are called Marathons, and Milky Ways are Mars bars.


Which is not common and takes practice to make (at my best I was still losing about 1 batch in 3)

Australian soft licorice.

I too like Sweet Tarts; however I rarely indulge because I will eat too many and you do NOT want to experience me on a sugar high!

I also like Candy Corn and Circus Peanuts and Candy Canes. When I was a kid I liked Necco Waffers especially the all chocolate rolls when I could find them.

And speaking of non-chocolate chocolate candy back in the day I loved choc-o-mint Life Savers. Ooo! And those caramel things with the cream in the center! And Bit o Honey. And Bonomo Turkish Taffy.

Yep I’ve had a sweet tooth my entire life. I now restrict myself to dark chocolate because my mouth has no desire to over indulge thereby avoiding the “Mad Sugar-high Woman”:eek::eek:

Bridge mix, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered raisins.
Chunky, Milky Way Midnight, Three Musketeers, peanut M&Ms.

My maternal grandmother’s family made a candy called Boston Cream. Nobody could tell me how it got it’s name. It’s a cooked candy, like fudge. Heavy cream, sugar, corn syrup, butter and vanilla are cooked to a soft ball stage, then it’s beaten until it is nearly set, chopped black walnuts are added, and it’s spread into a pan. The candy is cut into small sqaures when firmed up.

It’s my favorite but we rarely have it, being time consuming.

Outside of that I like just about anything especially if it’s chocolate. Coconut cream covered with dark chocolate was my goal as a kid in a box of mixed chocolates.

Almond Roca and Heath Bars. I have a serious addiction to English toffee, you see.

Rowntree made candies called Jelly Tots. I loved those. They stopped being made after Nestle took over the company.

Lemon drops and sweet tarts are both favorites for me, but I avoid them because they will rip my tongue to shreds.

Chocolate kisses. I just place one on my tongue and let it melt. I could eat a 2 lb bag in one sitting, so I avoid these too.

I love the Italian chocolates called Baci, by Perugina. They’re a ball of crumbly milk chocolate mixed with chopped hazelnuts, topped with a whole hazelnut. Then the whole thing is covered in a thin shell of bittersweet dark chocolate.

Mmmm-mm. And Trader Joe’s has recently started carrying them!

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I’m a sucker for Reese’s peanut butter cups or any type of toffee, like Werthers, Heath, or Skor.

Milkshake Bar. Seemed to disappeared in the 70s.

Sweet Tarts, but only the red and green ones. The rest of them can piss off :stuck_out_tongue:

I also like whatever they call Shock Tarts now, but I can only have a small handful before my tongue feels like I’ve been swigging from a car battery.

I’ve wondered why that is. Is it a trademark issue? or they just thought those names would be more marketable?

A question for the British contingent in the audience! :cool:

I suspect it was indeed a marketing decision, but I could be wrong.

Marathons were rebranded as Snickers in the UK years and years ago.

See’s Scotchmallow. What the Milky Way bar wants to be when it grows up.

Really? I lived there in '76 and '77. Does no one call them Marathon bars any more?

Regal Crown Sours, especially Sour Lemon. They went out of business at least 20 years ago, though someone recently tried to revive the brand.

For candies that still are being made, there’s Toblerone and Cadbury Dairy Milk.

I like dark chocolate, and I love the chocolate-covered blueberries from Dove. Absolutely wonderful.