What are "shared items" in Windows Easy Transfer

I’m trying to transfer settings and files from one computer to another and there’s two options which you can check. One is “shared items” which takes up a lot of space, and the other is the user account. I cannot find an explanation of “shared items” anywhere on the internet. There are a few other users asking this question, but no answers. Why is this set of files so big? What is “shared items”? Will it Easy Transfer overwrite data on the receiving computer? TIA

Shared items is all the things under shared folders. In Windows 7, these folders are under the Users directory. In XP they are elsewhere but can be found just by searching for “shared”. There should be several of them: music, videos, documents, recorded TV programs (if you have Media Center) and another one I can’t remember. They should not have much in them (sample pictures and video under Windows 7 takes up 53mb in total) but files may have ended up parked in them that were supposed to go elsewhere.

Most references to “shared items” on the Internet mention how much space they take up. We’re talking 100 Gigs, 400 Gigs, someone even said the “shared items” bit took up more space than what was on their hard drive? Sounds like a glitch of some type?