What are some exclusions from winning the Oscar for Best Actor?


[li]Animated Voice-Over Roles[/li][li]Unsubstantiated Screen Time Relative to Story and Vital Essence of Character’s Use Towards the Plot Moving Forward[/li][/ul]

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Anthony Hopkins won B. Actor for Silence of the Lambs though he was on screen for about 12 minutes, so the first part of #2 isn’t necessarily valid. Though he was crucial for moving the plot forward.

Another exclusionary rule:

  1. Comedians need not apply when they’re being comedic. OTOH, if you do a “serious” role, you may actually win!
  1. Actors in comedies are automatically disqualified.

CGI. Andy Serkis should have won an Oscar for his portrayal of Gollum in the second LOTR movie, but because Gollum was CGIed over him, he couldn’t.

  1. Not being any good.

I recall hearing somewhere that if you play a character who’s the figment of another character’s imagination (e.g., in a dream or a hallucination), the Academy will not nominate year regardless of how much screen time you have or how good your performance is. That was one of reasons given for why Brad Pitt couldn’t get nominated for Fight Club or Ed Harris for A Beautiful Mind.