what are some good keurig k cup brands

i usually drink the dark roast k cups.was just wondering if maybe there was something new i havent tried before that was good,was thinkin about tryin some of the brooklyn bean roastery’s flavors

i usually either get starbucks k cups,tullys hawaiian blend or wolfgang puck’s jamaican me crazy

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There are some places around that sell single KCups - if there’s a store like that near you then you can try a bunch of different types and see what you like.

I personally prefer the flavoured kinds. Brooklyn Bean does have some nice ones. Also Van Houtte, which are sold in boxes at the grocery store.

You can buy a reusable cup for a Keurig coffee maker. I use one and then buy and use the best dark roast coffee I can afford. It’s cheaper than the little plastic cups & you don’t add all that plastic to landfills.

I think Caribou Coffee’s Mahogany k-cup is absolutely fantastic. I drink a cup every morning and it’s the best part of my day some days.

We have a variety of flavours at the office by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Most are bland so I’d recommend against, EXCEPT , the Double Black Diamond is actually has some good flavour. You might enjoy that one. Use no more than 4-6 oz of water per k-cap.

I’ve been very impressed by Kroger’s generic label “Private Selection” Guatemalan coffee. Bonus is these pods are more eco-friendly as they have the plastic rim but coffee filter-like bottom.


This link above is to the Breakfast Blend. I can’t seem to find the Guatemalan which is what we prefer.

caza trail kona blend is my husbands go to coffee… off of amazon and about 50cents per pod

Revv is a good strong coffee without added flavor.