What Are Some of Your "Evil" Foods?

Oh, I can’t believe I forgot…

Corned-beef hash

I absolutely hated the stuff which my stepmother served regularly. Finally, around the age of 7 or so I reacted so badly that I vomited at the dinner table, the CBH looking just like it had when it went down… just slimier.

It was never served again. I had won. :smiley:

Shellfish of all kinds are Evil. I can’t stand the way they look or smell. I hate walking past the crawdad/crawfish display at the fish department, with all the mudbugs on ice but ALIVE. Ick. Yes, I’ve tasted shrimp and other shellfish, I just hate them all equally.

My husband, of course, loves them, every one of them.

Christ, I made the mistake once of ordering “New England Clam Chowder” in NYC. I think it was at a deli. Maybe. Anyway, yes, it was white, instead of red. And it had clams in it. That’s pretty much where the similarities stopped. Instead of being thick and delicious, it was watery and not delicious.

So damn you to Zeus’ butthole NYC, for getting my hopes up and then dashing them, and furthermore for giving Noo Yawkers another reason to think they’re superior because “New England Clam Chowder” isn’t really that good anyway.

Pah. A pox on thee.

I abhor ketchup. It smells and tastes like day old sick, and I can’t bear to look at someone slathering it all over their food. I’ve hated it since I was a kid, and I don’t think it’ll ever change. Ketchup or mayo on a burger? Pass the mayo please.

Eggs on the other hand are Og’s gift to lazy college students. Break 'em, toss 'em in a pan and fry, and you’ve got something to eat instantly.

Anything with celery in it. The taste just freaks out all of my tastebuds. Why it is so I don’t know.

I’m usually quite the omnivore, but if I can taste the slightest hint of celery in a dish, whatever is on the plate could just as well be fresh monkey brains. You know, I just want to collapse in a corner, rocking back and forth crying quietly for myself.

Green peppers will ruin an otherwise perfectly good sandwich. Actually, most of the non-hot pepper family will ruin my food.

My evil food is hot dogs and beans. I made it right around Thanksgiving and got sick. I ended up making it again, but the smell made me nauseous and I couldn’t eat it.


Sushi. I just don’t like sushi. It’s not that I’m completely repelled by it, I just don’t want to eat it, but every time I see it I feel guilty that I’m not sophisticated enough to like it. That evil stuff is laughing in my face for not being cool enough to like it.

Ditto. It was weird living in Japan and being the odd one out. Even now everyone assums since I’ve been studying Japanese and live thre, I must like sushi. Time and time again I’ll try it, thinking “this will be the piece of sushi that turns me on to sushi” but like with every other piece I can barely get it down. I think it’s a texture thing.

White vinegar.
It smells like gross feet and I can’t stand to be anywhere near it. One time I was grocery shopping and someone had smashed a whole bottle of the stuff in that aisle. I had to skip that section I was so grossed out.

Bleh, I won’t cook with it or be around it, it just makes me want to puke.

Most food issues I have are about context. I don’t much care for cabbage, and I don’t much care for hot-and-spicy, but gimme an egg roll with some Chinese mustard, and we’ve got a party.

After a vicious bout with a stomach flu something like 5 years ago which had, incidentally, nothing to do with movie theater popcorn per se but which struck its initial blow at the movie theater while I was eating popcorn, I’m still largely unable to stand the smell of the stuff and utterly repulsed by the idea of eating any.

Clam chowder that** isn’t** Manhattan style. That New England stuff is gross, and of course my wife, being from Boston, insists otherwise.

Mixed marriages are hard.

Fishy-smelling fish products. I HATE that smell, and thus hate eating it. Just walking past the sushi place makes me feel like throwing up. I will, on occasion, concede to eating a small piece of fish, but I slather it in whatever I can find to disguise the taste (ketchup, for example).

Gatorade. My mom always used to force me to drink it when I was sick, so now there is an indelible connection between Gatorade and throwing up.

Cottage cheese. It is disgusting and vile. Most things I can at least understand why some people would like, but cottage cheese is not one of them. I am totally flabergasted that anyone can find that revolting stuff appetizing.

Agreed. My Mom will buy grapefuit to eat, or even just the juice to drink, but I can’t stand the smell of it. It makes me ill. (the pink grapefruit soda is good though, it in no way resembles the taste of grapefruit).

I’m also not much one for cabbage either. I pick it out of dishes I get from the Chinese restaurant, and I can’t stand to eat what most people call cabbage rolls. Cabbage rolls (to me) are made with sour cabbage… they taste nothing like what are marketed as cabbage rolls everywhere else and the only way to get them sour is to make a lucky find at the farmer’s market or make my own.

And I’m reminded of cottage cheese also… I can eat it mixed and hidden in another dish (like lasagna) but not alone. The one time I tried it alone I got really sick (and this was back in preschool, I haven’t tried it since).

Fancy mustard, especially Dijon. Don’t put that in anything I’m going to eat.

And if I’m going to have French Fries, do not, I repeat-- DO NOT, put ketchup on them. If I wanted soggy fires, I’d dip them in water.

Beets. I know they’re all the rage, and they’re nothing like that canned crap our mothers made back in the day, but they still taste awful to me no matter how fresh or how “well prepared” they are.

Hamloaf. My mother has a recipe for hamloaf that involves cornflakes and some sort of sweet and sour glaze involving vinegar and brown sugar. It tastes like the kind of ham salad one can get at a delli (I think that is made of chopped ham, mayo, relish, and green olives, but I don’t eat or make it voluntarily so I couldn’t tell you), but warm, firm, and covered in glaze. I think I’d rather eat the cheese in the OP.

For many of my formative years my mother seemed to think that this was a good way to use up leftover ham. I gagged on it. Then my brother came along. He gagged on it, too. She finally quit making it.
Really, who was it that decided that so many foods should be made into loaves? This is seldom a good thing to do to perfectly edible food.

Sour Cream was created by the devil himself. It has fooled many into thinking it makes things like Nachos and baked potatoes more tastey, but in reality all it has done is find its way inside of you so it can corrupt you from the inside with it pure, white, unadulterated EVIL! (Unless it is being used in baking, in which case the heat turns it good…or something)

Seriously, I have thrown whole plates of take out mexican food away just because they accidentally put sour cream on the side. I am getting better, I can now allow my fiance to keep sour cream in the fridge. But that stuff is freakin foul. I will never undestand why it is so popular.

Seriously. I tried it once because it’s got lots of protein and very little calories, but even burying it under mounds of fruit couldn’t save it. It’s nasty.

I hate most dried fruit, except prunes for some odd reason. If you put raisins in cookies, I’ll eat 'em, and I can stand a few in a cooked dish if it’s required, but eating them out of the box? Ugh. Hard on your teeth and way too sickly sweet.

Oh, and egg salad! I like eggs most of the time, and hardboiled eggs can be good, and deviled eggs are better. But egg salad? I have no idea why, but the stuff just makes me gag. I want to like egg salad, really! But it’s just disgusting.

Like Kotick, I can’t stand celery. Especially cooked celery. My grandmother used to make homemade turkey soup after Thanksgiving that consisted of turkey, celery, a pinch of salt and water. My mother blames the fact that she was raised during the depression, but I don’t know. Ever since then the thought of eating cooked stringy celery makes me say GACK!

I like eggs, cottage cheese, grapefruit & shrimp. I never put mayo on my burgers and I never touch anything with clams in it.