What are some snacks that do well in hot weather?

Next weekend (the 9th/10th) I’m going to be volunteering at a local festival: I’ll be outside from 9:30am-6:30pm both days. I plan to have a very small cooler, but will probably use most of the space in it for my water, so I’m interested in recommendations for snacks that I can bring with me that are easy to eat (i.e., not messy) and that will still be appealing after they’ve been in a backpack all day. They do not have to be healthy – in fact, it’s probably better if they aren’t. :smiley:

Here’s what I can think of on my own:[ul][li]fruits & veggies[/li][li]cracker sandwiches (or crackers in general)[/ul][/li]What else?

(Anti-recommendations are also welcome! :))

I love those tube-of-yogurt things on hikes. They take up no room, require no utensils, and I think they’re okay lukewarm.

Hard pretzels should be good. If it were me, I’d also try Pop Tarts, graham crackers, and Fig Newtons.

A bag of GORP.

Teriyaki Turkey Jerky. Dried meat in general.
Trail mix.
A raw egg to fry on the sidewalk.

“Mmm, that’s good RP.”


I was going to say jerky too, so I guess I’ll third that vote. Lots of jerkey and water and you’ll be good. :slight_smile:

Pistacios, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, a tomato and a shaker of salt.

Many excellent suggestions! Thanks!

I’m adding Pop Tarts, Fig Newtons, unsalted peanuts (sans raisins), and pretzles to my list. I’ll think about those yogurt things, but I kind of go through phases with yogurt and it’s not on my list at the moment. Good to keep in mind for the future, though. And I don’t believe I’ve ever had jerky of any kind (do Slim-Jims count?), but I think I’d rather not experiment at the festival. <grin>

Hmm, maybe I’ll bring some Slim-Jims! :slight_smile:

Wow . . . I hate every single one of those foods! :smiley:

If you wanna get creative, you can make your own jerky - there was an episode of Good Eats on that recently. Time intensive, but probably yummier (and healthier, too) than that SlimJim.

Make my own jerky? Hell, I don’t even make my own toast!

Slim-Jims are an abomination unto the Jerky God. - Flanksteakius 4:25

Yea, verily.

:smiley: In the words of my mom, “More for me, then!”

oh good lord…

Oh lighten up. So I don’t cook, so what? The toast comment was made for comedic effect (though I really don’t make toast: I almost never eat it, so I gave away my toaster last week). :slight_smile:

If you find Slim Jims edible, you’ll love real jerky. Soooo much better.

Wal-Mart sells those beef jerky packets along with those dried beef steak nuggets for around $4.00 a bag.

I’m about to splurge on some Turkey Jerky online. MMMM-mmmm.

If you’re ever feeling even more adventurous: addictive, addictive soy jerky.

Podkayne. Thanks for the tip. I just may have to try that.