What are the better seats for a day at tennis?

On the sidelines where you’re looking left and right all day long, or in the “end zones” so to speak. I suspect it’s the latter, but I’ve never been to a tennis event.

Suppose BarnOwl chick and I go to Pilot Pen next year. About what would such seats cost - if I could get them?

Just a ballpark will be more than good enough.

Here is a site with ticket info for this year’s event.

Personally, I much prefer sitting on the sides. I haven’t been to this event, but I wouldn’t think the stadium would be all that different.

My wife and I were at Pilot pen this year in New Haven - we figured it was only an hour and a half away so why not… We had never been to a tennis tournament so what the hell.

We were in the upper right corner of the lower level… it was perfect for us, but we had hoped we could see the shots a little better from somewhere closer to mid way down the court.