What are the brown splotches inside my apples?

I bought some honeycrisp apples today, cut open the first one and saw the brown splotches in this picture (they look browner in real life, somewhat reddish in the picture due to the flash). I cut in at several points and saw the same thing. I didn’t eat it since that sort of freaked me out.

I also cut open another one, ate a bit, then noticed on my next slice that the second one contains some of these brown patches as well (but smaller and fewer). What are these? Are the apples OK to eat? The patches don’t have any particular texture, maybe a bit softer than the rest of the apple but not really. It smells normal and the outside looks fine.

I thought Honeycrisp became popular because it stored well, however U Minn. claims it is susceptible to internal browning:

Your apples were likely stored improperly; at the orchard, in transit, or at the store.

Interesting, thanks for the quick response. Do you think these are safe to eat or should I throw them out?

Sure, they’re safe to eat. They’ll just get mushy and not very tasty if the browning goes much further. If you’ve got a lot of them put them in the fridge or other cool spot to slow down the continued browning.

I’ve seen that after I’ve sliced them and let them sit for awhile (like I took them for lunch), but I’ve never seen them inside an apple.

(Anyone else read this as in my anus?)

Probably storage for 5 years produces zombie apples.

When I opened the thread, I got all excited because I thought that honeycrisp season had started. Then I saw the date of the OP. Oh, well, it’s not that far off.