What Are the Limits of Art and Dogs?

I’m not so sure it’s the serial killer or rapist you have to watch out for these days. . .and it’s not the mad scientist. It looks to me as if it’s the MAD ARTIST!

No sooner than we’ve recovered from the effects of dung splattered on the Virgin Mary, the press hits us with art that shouldn’t happen to a. . .well, dog. But considering what’s happened to dogs in the past. . .dachsunds, chihuahuas, poodles, pekineses, those wrinkled Chinese dogs, etc… . .why not one that glows in the dark?

But then, consider artistic license. Should you hang one of those around the neck of anyone’s dog? Where doth art stop? What hath dog rot? You just knew that when artists became digitized (They used to just use their hands; now they stick their fingers into everything.) everything would blow to bits. Maybe it’s art if you have a dog that says, “Meow!” OK, so put a speech chip in a few of them. And why not a whole raster of changing multicolored glow? Watch your latest video on the side (or wherever) of your dog. There’s a car tooling along that road in the distance – on the screen. On, no, that’s a flea. And, gee, wasn’t Cerberus artistic? Three heads are better than one, even dog heads. (And since I’m reading a lot of books at once, I could use more than 2 dogears.) Well, anyhow, you get the idea: You just cannot trust an artist.

But, hey, there isn’t any reason we shouldn’t do these things to artists, is there? I mean, if whichever experiment doesn’t work, there’s always another one of those twists of reality they call artists to do the experiment over on, right? Yeah, Rudolph, keep your nose over that drawing of yours so we can see to throw darts at it. Just think how Van Gogh could’ve fixed himself up with gene splices. And maybe the sound of a glowing artist covered with dung is more artistic than that of one lotus sprouting from mud. ‘Glub’, rather than ‘thwop’?

OK, well, I guess I’ve asked enough questions here for you to answer (so that nobody can claim I’m a troll or can move this to the Pit or MPSIMS). . .and while they aren’t general questions, they’re specifically generic questions – all about the the genus ‘dog’ and the more primitive genus ‘artist’.

Ray (Consider the day artists start modifying the eye of the beholder. . .and cover your eyes.)

Dali was know to be a little bit out there and there was…
oh wait, all artists are all a little bit mad. but you have to be a little bit mad to see the world in a diffrent light.
I do.

This belongs in Great Debates.

Or perhaps the Betty Ford Center.

The artist’s proposal seems the next logical step in dog breeding. Just that nowadays people have more scientific methods to accomplish their tasks.

Why is that any more objectionable than people mating dogs (who are, remember, descended from the wolf) to come up with a chihuahua?

Or the way that meat animals like pigs and cows are treated?

J’ai assez vécu pour voir que différence engendre haine.
Henri B. Stendhal

Hey, McGruff, get me another one of them artists outta that cage. I wanna see if we can breed 'im to have a built-in glow-in-the-dark necktie on 'is chest. That would be arf’l kewl.


The artist’s proposal seems the next logical step in dog breeding.

You actually think that a glow-in-the-dark dog is logical? Come on.

Can’t you just see that truth table and Venn diagram blinking in the dark on the side of that dog?


A fluorescent dog might come in quite handy.

Go for walkies after dark with complete confidence accompanied by your Glowing Retriever. Need a flashlight? Just whistle for the cute and cuddly Neon Poodle. The Doberman Beamer makes an excellent guard dog for the kiddies - and he’s a nightlight!

Or you could use one to scare that bastard Baskerville to death.

Hundreds of uses!

Are you making light of man’s art of self expression through perpetual hounding of the wolf?

Ray (The illuminati is behind it all.)

Why don’t cartoon animals look like the animal they are supposed to be? I refer to most Nickelodeon cartoons. This is art? There’s even a character that is a sponge and I think there may be a potato.And a half roasted turkey.Oh, that was a comic strip.