what are the *physical* bad effects of sex?

I thought to put this one in this forum, there seems to be more intelligent discussions than in the General Forum. The subject is obvious, though.

There are STD’s, of course, [Not that many people care about that when they are horny]; but what about the effects of, a more socially proper way to call it, ‘too much partying?’ Sort of another way of saying that one has sex with too many people or start at at a very young age.

Cervical cancer is pretty common for those women who start having sex too early or with too many guys, of course, if a woman doesn’t get a PAP smear, she’s not going to know.

I think of these effects and it makes me wonder why they rarely [not that I have ever seen much] discuss this stuff on talk shows when the show subject is about having lots of sex partners &/or starting sex early [women]…

Waking up next to someone and realizing, “Oh God…” which results in upset stomache, nausea, and might cause impotence for some time.

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For a woman, there is an increased risk of a UTI (urinary tract infection). If the penis accidentally hits the wrong hole on its way to the right one, bacteria can be rubbed against the meatus of the urethra and they’ll start traveling up the tubing into the bladder. In a woman, that tubing is only about 1-2", so it doesn’t take long. I had one of these infections this summer, and dang if it wasn’t a bugger!

An easy preventative is to urinate immediately after to flush out any bacteria. (My doc said, “After you’re done, go to the bathroom and urinate, then come back and cuddle.”)

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I would have to say unwanted pregnancy.

Well, I’ve dislocated a shoulder and pulled a hamstring during a couple of spirited bouts of coitus. Do they count?

I suppose you could discuss the potential for being shunned or a loss of respect for promicious women. I know I’m not real understanding if I find out about that gang bang back in high school, or the “virgin” who gave out blow jobs like candy corn on Halloween. Yeah yeah, double standard this double standard that, but its a fact of life. But I get the idea this isn’t what your after.

You have to admit that the reduction of the risk of blindness and hairy palms has to offset the risks somewhat.

There is a condition which some women get, mostly hookers, I’ve heard, from becoming repeatedly sexually aroused and not orgasming. It’s called some kind of pelvic imflammatory thing. Anyhoo, the blood travels to the genital region during the excitement phase, but is not released properly by climax. Over a period of time, it can cause this problem. I read about it when I was pregnant, and later knew someone who had to be treated for it. The symptoms were pretty nasty (she thought she had a urinary tract infection).

I would have to say sleeping in a wet spot is a bummer.

jane, pelvic inflammatory disease? [shoot, where is my medical dictionary? Anyway, reads more like ‘blue balls for women.’

LauraRae, also the doctor can ‘strreetch’ the urinary track with a tool to keep infections away. But this may not appeal to many women as it has to be done several times…

I personally know quite a few woman who can’t bear children anymore [hysterectomy]
due to ‘too much partying…’

vanillanice: Unwanted pregnancy is hardly an ailment. An inconvenience, I’ll give ya.

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Omniscient, I’d be interested in hearing a little more about these ‘spirited bouts’ during which you dislocated joints . . .

Any video footage available?

Rug burn.


Coarse and violent nudity. Occasional language.

Or rope burn.

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I hate it when the jello starts getting sticky.

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Ben, thats a thread unto itself, and if I share too much more around here I’m bound to develop a bad reputation!

A dislocated shoulder? What the bleeping hell were you doing? And how can I get in on it?

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Two words: penile fracture.

Foot cramps, swollen tongue muscles.


Definately rug burns…or in Japan, tatami burns.

The tongue cramp, kinda under the tongue, near the throat-like a charlie horse.ouch!

Sharp teeth can cause alot of damage if you are careless (I wouldnt know personally :slight_smile:

I dont know about feminine blue balls…but if I get close, and not quite there…well I am a total BITCH to live with until the problem is rectified.

Hey Pooch, wouldn’t the tatami also be able to give you splinters? OUch!