What are the rules on bad words?

Are there any rules on nasty language?

(I don’t plan on unleashing a rant of four letter words… just curious!)

No strict rules. Extreme cases are easy to spot, of course. I’m sure everybody knows that calling your GD adversary a “fucking slimy turd eater”, or words to that effect, is a *bad idea.
Name calling in general is not condoned anywhere else than the Pit, unless it is done in obvious jest. And even THEN not everything goes.

There is, of course, a large grey area. As with a lot of things, it’s always an individual judgment call. Individual in the sense that it varies from case to case, and in the sense that one moderator might tolerate more than the other.
If you’re posting an MPSPIMS thread called “Fuck! My car just burned out completely!”, I for one am not gonna comment on the word ‘fuck’.
Yet, if someone disagrees with a fellow poster by saying “Your arguments are just fucking stupid”, he IS going to get a comment from me.

Thanks, Coldfire!

And **** you! You ******* ****!
PS: The above was a ******* joke, you know… I hope…