What are the suggestive sounding phrases in your sport/hobby/profession

Every activity has them. Phrases that are innocent but can sound incredibly dirty (intentionally or not) to the uninitiated. For example, I’m a rower. The rower who leads the stroke rating in the boat is called the “stroke seat” or “stroke”. We often wind up sending out emails that say something like"I’m looking for someone to stroke the FatBoy (the name of a boat) tonight" or “I’m tired of stroking, can someone sub for me.”

The person who steers the big boats is called the “coxswain” or “cox” for short, another easy target. My brother used to have a t-shirt that read “Duke Heavyweight Crew: eight big men and their cox”.

When I played saxophone in high school, we had a lot of them but I guess I’ve grown up, 'cause I can’t remember any of them.

What are some of the suggestive phrase y’all snigger over in your hobbies or work?

(BTW, I’m not being Wesley, I just reached the character limit on the title, I swear)

Well, I’m a computer science graduate student, so most of those are fairly obvious :smiley: (well, except for the “Big-O” notation, which isn’t quite so common)

As a homebrewer/regular at a brewpub, those are a bit more fun. There’s still bung kegs down there, so there’s always plenty of jokes about “tapping/pounding the bunghole”, references to the brewer’s hose(s), and of course, “you always want good head with your beer” :smiley:

(That doesn’t even mention some of the unofficial names for beers that we’ve come up with over the years…)

Constuction is full of that. Nail the stud, grab a handful of nuts, twist or screw the nipples (which come in varying lengths and diameters), give me a pair of dikes (diagonal pliers are called dikes).

When I first started going to hockey games I would always :snerk: over the calls for hooking. “Damn, only 2 minutes? Bet the chicks on Victory Drive wish they got off that easy!”

I play handbells. Every now and then, we get to sniggering over what “big bells” someone has. Depending on context, and the sex of the ringer, “big bells” can refer to either masculine or feminine body parts.

I have been playing a game called Mini-Quoits. It is horseshoe like but played with large washers that you toss towards a Coffee can secured to the center of a 12"x12" box (15"x15" exterior if made framed with 2"x4"s).
The object is to toss the quoit into the can.
Bouncing it off the edge of the can, has gotten the nick name “Rim Shot”.
People talking about “getting it in the can” which usually brings on some laughter.


I am a fairly fanatic bowler, and they’re all pretty obvious. A few years ago, a good friend of mine gave me a t-shirt that reads, “Grab your balls and go bowling.” Since I’ve gotten it, I’ve run across several other bowlers with the same shirt.

There’s a song by Stephen Lynch called, appropriately enough, “Bowling Song” that contains a few choice phrases as well:

Got a ball that’s smooth and all black.
I keep it in my lucky ball sack.
I get a feeling in my soul.
As I finger every hole.

I’m I really the first one who’s immature enough to giggle at “tight ends” and “wide receivers”?

Of course the most suggestive thing that’s at all a hobby to me is on FACEBOOK, where there’s an option to send a “hey there” message to other people called “Poke Him”. (“Ah, your mouth to the cyber god’s ear, but for now I’ll just click on more pics and dream.”)

There’s the Settlers of Catan trade offer: “I have wood for sheep”.

“Trust me, I’m a photographer…”

Photography has some visual innuendos, such as holding your camera at an upward angle and extending the zoom lens.

A lawyer might be inclined to observe that he’d found something interesting in opposing counsel’s briefs…

With the influx of foreign players in the leagues, the phrase “there’s a hard check in the corner” makes me think of a Euro dude slinking off to the side during his shift to pound furiously at his boner.

Tie it, strip it, whip it, fly it… (fly fishing)
Sometimes you’re just getting hot flashes (when a hobby torch runs low on gas, it has this annoying period where it flashes on at first, and dies a second later - sometimes it’s useful, usually it isn’t)

More later if I remember them.

Poker dealer here…Not all are in common usage or encouraged

The Nuts: the best possible hand
pocket rocket :ace in the hole
Pair of bitches: pair of Queens (frowned upon)
Big Slick: Ace/King
Big Lick: Ace/Queen
Dolly Parton: 9/5
Suck out: getting the card you need on the river

Not suggestive, but funny, but not catching on
Anna Kournikova: A/K, looks good but rarely wins

There’s probably more, but I just got off a 12 hour shift and my mind is numb.

More for a Fishing Boat, but Master Baiter? :wink:

The French Drop.

If I told ya, I’d have to kill ya.

(It’s also known as the Bobo Drop.)

In construction, roofs and floors sheathed with plywood and designed to withstand shear forces (from wind or earthquake) are called diaphragms. After having a lot of guys snicker at that I’ve begun calling them “membranes” instead.

Saw the concert, got the T-shirt. :cool:

Get this: the hole in the furnace a glass blower works with is called a glory hole

Flexible wrists. Fingering hairy passages. And the old favourite, the G string.

Yup, I teach the violin.