What are the womanest(?) moments in movie history?

why is there no direct, and thus positive, counterpart to “manly” for women?

so in the other thread, a popular view of the idea of manly is when they are fighting. so what do you think are the most feminine moments in movie history? will it be more Michelle Yeoh or Michelle Dockery?

Womanly I think is the word you’re looking for.


Any film featuring the wife cooking bacon & eggs for her husband, followed by an obligatory hand job later that night, will suffice in my book. :smiley:

OTOH, if you’re talking about “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar” moments, I’ll nominate Thelma & Louise.

Moments when men don’t man up and fight like they’re supposed to.

Ennis fastens the top button of Jack’s shirt, and with tears in his eyes mutters, “Jack, I swear…” while straightening the postcard of Brokeback Mountain, before closing the door and walking away.

With thanks to Monkey Chews

Ripley in Aliens.

Rita Hayworth flipping her hair in Gilda, Jennifer Jones scrubbing the floor in Duel in the Sun, Vivian Leigh vowing she’ll never go hungry again in Gone With the Wind, Glenn Close switching the lamp on and off in Fatal Attraction, Mama Corleone whose name I forget telling Michael he can never lose his family in Godfather II. Sophia Loren pretty much any time she’s in the frame.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

Maureen O’Hara in The Quiet Man.

Éowyn versus the Witch King. “I am no man!”

“I’d like to kiss you…”

I just watched The Black Swan and for some reason Mila is all I can think about…

We shouldn’t have to tell you what the most womanly moment was. You should know.

The 1939 movie “The Women,” in which everyone in the movie (including the animals) was female.

The Color Purple has a few - when Shug sings all the way to church, hugs her estranged father and says “See Daddy? Sinners have soul too.” Or when Celie finally tells off Mister.

Pretty much the entire movie of Sense and Sensibility.

you sleep on the couch tonight. /whacks Bryan Ekers on the head with a pillow.

Greer Garson in Mrs. Miniver: A crazed German pilot crash-lands in her garden and holds her at gunpoint. She calms him down, gives him something to eat, gets the gun away from him, calls the cops, and goes to the flower show.

Abigail Adams sending the barrels of saltpeter to her husband, John, giving him the courage to keep fighting in 1776.