What are these bumps on this cat?

(NOTE: looks icky)

The stray cat I feed now has these pink bumps ranging in different sizes on her tummy. Her Tummy is now nearly hairless. She licks them often. Is it an allergy?
I feed her daily and she has a strong appetite. She doesn’t seem to be in discomfort just licks much. Here are the pics.

note: started this summer

That is something that needs veterinary attention. They can help you with figuring out what is causing it, which could be any number of things. If it is allergies, they’ll help you with medication and dosage. A local shelter may be able to recommend a low cost vet since she is a stray that you care for.

Looks like breast cancer. I am not a vet. I have seen breast cancer on a dog and a pet rat. Never a cat. But it does look similar.

ETA she needs medical care.

I’ve seen breast cancer on a cat–that was my first thought.

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I can only see the second link and all I see is a blurry picture of possibly kitty titty.

But any time you have concerns about a pet’s* health you should take them to a vet. Sometimes it’s an easy fix and sometimes you have to make a hard decision.
*Once you feed them they become your pet. Just ask the Hummingbirds, Orioles and Catbirds who I feed. When I am slow to refill the jelly feeder or a sugar water feeder… they let me know… loudly, at my door and until I do as they command.

“Breast” tends to be used when discussing humans and poultry.

Cats, dogs, horses, cows, pigs, and other mammals have mammary glands.

But yeah, I’d seek out medical attention.

Is she spayed? I can only see the second picture and it’s hard to make out much detail, but she looks a little boobalicious, like she may be nursing kittens.

I had to remove the other pic it was so grotesque. It looked like round mosquito bites scattered on her belly. Thanks for the input. I did look up mammary gland tumor images of cats and Sushi’s (That’s her name) looks too pink and well-defined. I was thinking lipomas too but more dogs get that. If we can carry her and get her into a carrier we can try to take her to the vet. We don’t think she’s spayed, but she’s been here for a year and I dunno if she even roams around at night.

Hi folks, so some updates. The bumps are gone…Sushi is not the brightest bulb in the backyard, so we figured they were bug bites when she exposed her belly up to the mosquitoes for a feast. The fur officially grew back on her belly. She still has a very strong appetite and can run and jump here and there. We did an oatmeal anti-itch spray on her whenever we can catch her and spray her body.

thanks for all the input.

But “kitty titty”… it’s just so rhythmic.

Yay Kitteh!

Glad to hear it wasn’t something worse. :slight_smile: