What are these symbols on my shampoo bottles?

My wife asked me about a label on clothes she was thinking about buying for my daughter. There were about 10 symbols and I only knew 4 or 5 of them. Then I noticed 4 symbols on my shampoo bottle.
I think one is about recycling and another I have since learned is period-after-opening symbol. What is the one with a hand holding a box?
There is one with the sun and arrows beneath it. I assume that means do not leave in sunlight. Although I would have never thought to put such a symbol on a shampoo bottle.
Am I meant to know all this stuff?
Was this stuff taught in school? I have two degrees and lived in 4 countries. Why are there so many symbols on clothes and shampoo bottles?


This is a commonly asked question, and they’re actually for each of the 4 founding members of Led Zeppelin (excluding Prince).

[del]Believe it or not, previous thread with at least (I think) some partial answers.[/del]

Sorry, it’s just one you’ve already figured out and some broken links.

This stuff wasn’t taught in school because it’s fairly recent. The EU introduced new more strict cosmetic labeling requirements in 2013. I’m guessing your “hand holding a box” symbol is actually the look elsewhere for additional information (such as in an enclosed leaflet or outer box) symbol, which is supposed to be a finger pointing to a book. I can’t find a symbol with a sun and arrows – it might help to see an image.

Camera not available at the moment- sorry.
The hand is holding a box, it is not a finger pointing to a book. So I do not think that can be the answer.

Some quotes - "The only warning label people really respect is dry-clean only. Speed limits, lung cancer, cigarette warnings – your very life is at stake and people just go, “Aah, the hell with it!” But dry-clean only? “Don’t put that in the wash!!! It’s dry-clean only! ARE YOU CRAZY?!”

"…precious few images had the power to instill instantaneous fear in the human mind … but the symbol before him definitely made the list. The marking on the tube was a simple trilateral icon. This notorious symbol… was developed by Dow Chemical in the 1960s to replace an array of impotent warning graphics previously in use. Like all successful symbols, this one was simple, distinctive, and easy to reproduce…the modern “biohazard” symbol had become a global brand that conveyed danger in every language. “

Have we had a serious answer yet? In spite of a lack of images?

It means, “Don’t eat this shit! I warned you!”

A picture would help us a lot, OP. Or, if you have no camera, draw the things in MS paint and show us that way.

What is the brand/type of shampoo? Most cosmetics and household products have a phone number somewhere on the bottle for you to call with questions. I’d say this qualifies - call them and tell us what they say!

This picture includes the “finger pointing to book/leaflet” symbol that SpoilerVirgin mentioned. Does that look about right?

Does the sun symbol look anything like this? If so, I’d think it might be a “keep out of sunlight” as you suggest.

It’s not completely unheard of for people to have windows in their showers, and sometimes they use the sills of those windows to store things like shampoo bottles. Where there’s windows, there can be direct sunlight.

Are they on this or this list?

If not, try the index page and knock yourself out (at “Packaging - Symbols”).

Or this? (The Law, ex-cathedral Brussells).

Cx: ex-cathedra. Which I’m sure is incorrect Latin. Need genitive. Any help?

Is the hands and box like the 3rd one down on this page?

The symbols were put on there by The Illuminati.

And I think I’ve said too much already…

Handle the shampoo with care?

Hey, you never know…it could be a front operation for a clever smuggling scam for Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulators.

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I never realised this would be so hard.


I think it is a finger pointing at a book. But when I looked before it looked like a hand holding a box.

I can see how the “hand and book” symbol:


Could be confused with a box when viewed small or in low light situations.