What are we going to call them??????

In the years ahead 2000 till 2010 .How will
Historions, Journalist ,Parents and people in general refer to that decade?

The " oughtys " Whats your guess?
Someone will come up with something.

What were they called in 1901 to 1910?

I’ve been trying to come up with a name for this for sometime and I need some help

Thanks Mike

Cecil covers this in his latest book, Triumph of the Straight Dope.

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My preference (with a nod to Charlton Heston & the other macho wannabes at the NRA):

"the double oughts"(as in double-ought buckshot)

Kinda rings with the times, que no ?

Ua pisia i le tagaliu

Since the '20s, '30s, etc. are the same in every century, regardless of whether that century be the first in a given millenium, the '00s and '10s should also be the same in every century. Thus whatever you called the first decade of the 1900s, and also whatever you called the second one, should be replicated in the 2000s. The years of the first decade of 1900, after 1900 itself, do not have 2 aughts in them, and also 2010, 2020, etc. do have 2 aughts in them. So the choice of that gun-nut is no good, no matter how macho.

I think you would have to call the first decade the ‘aughts’ and the second the ‘teens’. Maybe I’ll drop dead before I have to worry about such things.

Ray (Why 2K. . .when you can have 2M.)

I find it amazing that so many people are so concerned about such a trivial question, as though society would stop dead because we can’t come to an agreement as to what to call a decade. If no one thinks of a name, who cares? There’s no real name for the years 1900-1909, yet history still marches on.

Eventually, a name may be coined. Or it may not. But it’s hard to understand why people are so concerned about the issue.


I think “The Ohs” makes the most sense. With the exception of 2000 itself (which I’ll be calling “two thousand”), I’d wager most people will refer to the years of that decade as “twenty-oh-whatever”.

Chaim Mattis Keller

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I like “the double-noughts” in homage to Mr. Jethro Bodine.

Ray, the double aughts (oughts) or noughts (naughts) come in the middle: 2001,
“two double-nought one.”

I’ve also heard “the naughties” has a following.

My favorite suggestion:
Someone (I don’t remember who) suggested calling 2000-2009 the “Andies” (from two thousand and one, two thousand and two…).

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Why not just call it “The New Millenium”? That does seem to be the fad these days, just tack that on to whatever - “It’s the toilet plunger for The New Millenium!” - even if it doesn’t apply. So, doubtless, everyone will just call it “The New Millenium” until we all get sick of it, right around Midnight, Dec. 25th, 2009. Then some reporter will say, “It’s another new year in The New Millenium!” Then someone will punch him, and that will be the end of it.

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I like, “the big fat Zero’s” or " The Donuts."

Well, we tend to refer to the 1900-1909 as “the turn of the century”. I suspect future historians will call 2000-2009 as “the turn of the millenium”.

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I would say that it will be the “two ohs” which fits nicely as it works well with several interpretations, ie. a 2 and two 0’s = two ohs , 2 zeros = two ohs, and probably because it fits closely with 2k, the letter theme you know. That’d be my guess.