What are you cooking on the 4th?

The Great American BBQ. Seems like everybody breaks out the grills on this day. The menu at Casa Silenus today includes: teriyaki steak tips and marinated vegetables, done kabob-style; roasted corn; pasta salad; cole slaw; and ice cream with Toad Sweat Hot Sauce.

What are you cooking?

Left to my own devices, popcorn for lunch and a frozen turkey dinner for dinner but my mom has a large hunk of some unidentifiable muscle mass in the slow cooker at the moment and my dad’s invited me over for, I assume, the stereotypical 4th fare later tonight.

Haburgers, garlic toast, steak, corn on cob, and that’s it for the cooking.

Burgers, hot dogs, steaks that my boyfriend has had marinating in our world famous special marinade for two days, carne asada that my mom is marinading in Coca-Cola to make soft and sweet (not for too long, though, usually just a few hours), my mom’s world-famous potato salad, raw veggies with dip, chips, the dip from hell (7 layer dip), and all kinds of other stuff. We’re Italian so we’ve got a bunch of people coming over and we intend to FEED THEM.

Anyone who’s hungry is welcome to drop by if they live near Carson City. We’ll have plenty of leftovers, and we only have so much Tupperware.


Since it will only be my dad and I for dinner, we are having “Red, white, and blue potato salad”, brats on the grill,and some sort of fruit or veggie salad.

We have some leftover meatloaf, half a chicken breast, and a couple of slices of pork roast. I’m not cooking - I’ll be warming up. No celebrations here. Since we’re without a boat, the 4th is no big deal.

Grilled Salmon
Mixed Fruit bowl with fresh cherries, pluots, raspberries and peaches
Good Eight Grain bread
Simple salad

and of course
Grilled Bratwurst and some good Potato Chips :slight_smile:

Marinated pork baby back ribs, grilled baked potatoes, grilled corn on the cob and green mixed salad.

Done right, the only indoor work will be the salad & opening the vino.

Well, I’m going to a theme party so I’m bringing beer nuts, Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill, pork rinds, and baked beans. Anyone have a guess what the theme is? :smiley:

Nothing. I am debating on whether or not to go down to the bar and get some beer and pizza.

T-bone steaks on the grill, corn, and oven fried potatoes - potatoes sliced like french fries, sprayed with olive oil, and baked. Like french fries, but with less grease.

I’m heading over to my parent’s place where there will be some variety of BBQ, probably chicken. There are also rumors of homemade ice cream. I baked banana bread this morning as my contribution to the festivities.

Me, I’m cooking this menu :smiley:

A special treat, and not a big deal to cook – chili cheese fries.

I made caramel apple streudel muffins, but we fixed our own dinners…soup and salad for me, fish and mashed potatoes for him. We were going to grill steaks, but ElzaHub forgot to set them out to thaw, so that was out (plus, it’s been raining off and on around here).


And remember…
If you go forth on the fourth with a fifth…you may not go forth on the fifth.

Porterhouse :smiley:

Wee cooked yesterday since the grown kiddos had to head back to their respective abodes today.

We served BBQ chicken breasts, steaks, brats & pork tenderloin along with potato salad, baked beans, green salad, fruit tray, veggie tray, chocolate cake, brownies, chips & dip, cheese balls, ice cream and strawberry daquiris.

My fridge is stuffed with leftovers and I’m not cooking for days! I think we served around 20 people all together.

Burgers and wings, followed by some nice new nectarines. Yummy!

Sirloin steaks, chicken breast, and bratwurst marinaded in Chimichurri sauce. And of course, Uncle Buck’s World Famous Baked Beans. Yum! :smiley: