What are you doing for Lent this year?

Yes, you’re giving up Catholicism, Jesus, Christianity, Lent etc etc.

Every year for as long as I can remember I gave up fast food. I love fast food. This year, however, I’m trying something different. Instead of giving something up I want to start doing two things.

1: I’m going to make it a point for my family to eat at the dinner table together. Usually when we get home from work it’s a mad dash to straighten up a bit, get the kid ready, make dinner, and eat. I want to get us into the habit of sitting down for a meal.

2: I want to start, at least, reading the Night Prayer in the Hours. I want to work my way up to both the Morning and Night, but I figured I’d at least be more likely to stick with the Night for now, due to the fact that I love the beautiful imagery throughout.

I was hoping that someone would start this thread.

What am I giving up for Lent this year?

some of my favorites:

red meat
excess carbs
excess calories

I’ve somewhat successfully given these up in the past for Lent.

I hope to be very successful this year and also hope that I can successfully continue throughout this Lent and into next year (except for red meat–I really love red meat.)

I also hope to start exercising again this Lent, hoping to continue throughout the year.

nothing to add, sorry.

Or omit even.

I will be trying to keep an approximation of the traditional Western fasting practices this Lent, though forgetfulness, gluttony, and family obligations will probably disrupt it to some extent. But the basic idea is this:

**Fasting (one full meal and one small snack per day): **Every day in Lent except for Sundays.
Abstinence (no flesh of land animals): Every Friday in Lent.

I’m giving up eating out or eating take-out food. I need to just eat what I buy in routine trips to the grocery store. Popcorn at the movies is allowed. :slight_smile: Last week’s gospel was a good one: “Is not life more than food?” With the way I function, I sometimes wonder but I know’s He’s right. :slight_smile:

I’ve been going to adoration every week anyway, and have started going to daily Mass over the past few weeks, so I intend to keep that up during Lent.

Our church is focusing on a project they have to assist a couple of towns in Kenya, so they are not doing the CRS Rice Bowls this year. So my almsgiving will be to CRS.
(ETA: I got my first “um, gigi, you have something on your head” already :slight_smile: )

I work from a couple of different worksites, mainly different local colleges. Like many others, I’m using this season as an opportunity to shake up my eating habits, so I’ve decided to forego the drive through entirely. It will require more careful planning of my schedule and eating habits, but I have lost quite a bit of weight since the new year and I think this will help me keep losing.

I’ve never really seriously given anything up for Lent. But my mom and my friend both said they were giving up sweets, so I’m doing that.

I had paczkis for dinner last night. It was not as fun as it sounds.

In the doing-things realm, I am going to go to daily Mass. It seems once you’re out of the habit, it’s hard to get back in. Well, now’s a good time so I am going to rededicate myself.

In giving things up, alcohol. I don’t need it anyway and I think the slight deprivation I feel without it (or the ability to have it) is good for me.

Each year I pledge to say the Rosary more, but that has never happened. :frowning: I know it would be enormously beneficial if I’d just get my butt in gear.

Our schools were on a two-hour delay for weather today, so I missed Ash Wednesday Mass this morning. I wish they had a noon Mass, but I guess I’ll be going at 5:30.

I gave up the snooze button. This will be a rough one, as I usually set my alarm half an hour earlier than I need to be up so that I can smack the button. I try to give up things that will have an impact on my life year round, and from what I’ve heard/read, the snooze button is making me more sleep deprived. Last year I gave up Facebook, the year before that, alcohol.

I’m also going to try to stop gossiping about a few people in my work life, or at least try to be nicer to them.

I thought it lent a nice touch to the thread.

This year, I’m giving up Lent. I predict success.

And giving up reading the OP?

I don’t do anything for Lent, but on Good Friday I like to hang around all day just like Jesus.

This year I am saying (doing?) Morning Prayer everyday during Lent and hope to continue it the rest of the year. I’m also saying the Rosary (Anglican Prayer Beads) at night before bed. I have several different prayers I’m using to keep things interesting. As for giving up something, I’m giving up carbonated beverages. This is kind of tough but as long as lemonade and iced tea exist I think I may survive.

Mangetout by tradition, we need at least one clown to come in and do that. :rolleyes:

Coincidentally, a friend of mine gave up vegetarianism a week or two ago. I found out about it yesterday. When I asked if she had given up vegetarianism for Lent, I thought she was going to hyperventilate she was laughing so hard. It hadn’t even occurred to her.

Can I give up being “ok” with the 8AM mass-junkies trying to run my kid and I over in the parking lot as I try to walk him into school?

When did the end of mass change to “Peace be with you. Peace be with you. Peace be with you. And now, Octogenarians… Start Your Engines!!!

My church does not observe Lent, but my sister’s does and I’ve been talking with her about what it means to her and what it entails.

I have some spiritual practices that I wish happened daily so I’ve committed to completing them each day during Lent, with the hope that they will stay part of my daily routine afterwards. (Some specific prayers, and Bible reading)

I also came across this idea yesterday: 40 Notes in 40 Days - Cultivating Relationships through Lent. The idea appeals to me. The dates in the graphic are for some other year, but easily adapted. I don’t know if I’ll do it this year. I’m already behind.

I gave up beer for Lent.