What are you giving up for Lent?

In the past, I’ve given up atheism, religion, armed robbery, intraveneous drugs, sex with prostitutes, and Unix system administration.

This year, I’ve settled on radical Islamic terrorism. How about you?

I’m giving up self-deprivation

Considering the price of gas, I guess I’ll be giving up disposable income.

I think I’ll give up ragging my husband about quitting smoking. But!!! As a good Episcopalian, I was taught that Sundays are never fast days, so I can rag him on Sundays, poor dear.

I think I’ll give up Lent for Lent or Christianity. :slight_smile:

Stupid masochistic self-gratifying archaic rituals.

Same thing as every year: heroin.

Yup, nothing more self-gratifying than making your life more difficult for 40 days…


I usually give up crack and selling organs on the Black Market, but this year I think I’ll do something a bit different and give up eating babies. ;j

Sobriety, responsibility, the color green, being a non-smoker.

Many, many, many years ago, I gave up the Catholic Church for Lent and it was the wisest thing I have ever done.

I think I’ll just give it up for Lent. W00t! W00T!


I did the same as DMark. I gave up religion for lent when I was in High School, and never went back.

People still do this?

Same thing I give up every year: vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh watermelons.


Big Perm -Yep.


Can I give up work?



I’m giving up squid for Lent… and I don’t even attend a liturgical church.

My New Year’s resolutions.