Catholics, what are you doing for Lent?

Personally, I have absolutely no idea. I’ve given up one of my absolute favorites - Cracker Barrel, but I don’t go around there very often, so its not much. I imagine I’ll try to get my hands on the daily readings, and try to keep up with that - I used to do it regularly, but have fallen off that wagon.

Anyone else?

I don’t know what I’m giving up this year, but a few years back, I did manage to successfully go without downloading for 40 straight days. Talk about TOUGH!

beer, ice cream and soft drinks. Should be a interesting 40 days.

WOW diamud! That’s tough! I think maybe I’ll try to pack my lunch each day. I spend entirely too much money on restaurants. Anybody have any good sack lunch suggestions?

I’m currently doing Weight Watchers, so most of my favorite gastronomic indulgences are already being resisted.

I think I may try to have a more spiritual Lent. Try to read a little of the Bible every day (I’m trying to read it cover to cover and I’ve been stuck in Psalms for a while). I may try to volunteer at Birthright or be more generous in my giving.

I’m giving up self-denial and abnegation. It’s worked for me for years so far.

Palandine, last Lent I was given a book that goes through the Passion (according to Mark, I believe), by my then spiritual director. I plan on reading that again, as well as the accompanying gospel. I don’t have the title or the author with me here at work, but I’d be happy to e-mail you the info if you’d like it. It was really good, and really got me into a good Lenten mindframe (read: guilt galore!). I certainly recommend going the spiritual route for Lent. The best thing I’ve done in the past for Lent was daily mass (in college when I had a chapel 4 doors down the hall, with mass every day). It was at 10:30pm, and really was a benefit. Maybe I’ll try to pick up one daily mass a week.

I already can’t wait for Easter. Easter mass in the Bascilica of the Sacred Heart is the most beautiful day of the year.

Connor, do you go to Notre Dame?

I’m class of 93, Program of Liberal Studies and Government and International Relations. I lived in Farley Hall.

Sacred Heart’s a beautiful church, but I mostly went to Sunday 10:30 pm Mass at Farley (you could wear pajamas!)

And, of course [grumpy old lady] back in my day they had the Pangborn Hall Express–Mass in less than 30 minutes or your next one’s free[/grumpy]

I’m not a left footer, but I’m definitely giving up peanuts and onions for lent.

I’m giving up Lent for Lent. :slight_smile:

i think i’ll give up soft drinks and SOME junk foods. i thought of giving up beer, but come on…it’s beer!

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Yup. Class of '98. Gov’t and Int’l Relations. Lived in St. Ed’s. My brother (Brian Connor) was '94, lived in Flanner - but he hung out with Lewis Chicks.

I loved dorm mass. But absolutely nothing beats the Folk Choir at 11:30 on Easter morning. Made me stick around South Bend for 2 extra years. Alas, my girlfriend will be becoming a godmother on Easter, and I will have to miss Easter mass in the Bend.

Farley, eh? Did you know any of the Dietemann’s?

Connor, my fellow IR geek! Happy Mardi Gras.

I’m not sure what I’m giving up for Lent. I’m not sure I’m really a Catholic anymore.

But I’ll tell you a glurge-like story about last year that will warm the cockles of your little heart. Last year around this time, I found myself complaining. A lot. Tiresome pointless bitching. So I gave that up for Lent. No more complaining - I mean, within reason. If I broke a dish or cut myself I was still allowed an “Oh shit!”

Anyway, in those 40 days I made tons of new friends, left a bad job for a new job, and just got a lot happier. So I like the idea of you folks who want to do something positive for Lent - read the Bible, etc. rather than give up a small vice or pleasure.

Since I’ve achieved spiritual perfection (not), not sure what there’s left for me to do. Maybe ask what y’all are doing for Fat Tuesday? :wink:

Well, I’m not Catholic, but my roommate is. I am helping her out with the no-meat-on-Friday’s thing. I am going to give up swearing! Surprisingly, AerialCartwheels has a very big potty mouth! I could definatly do without it. Also, I’m giving up soda, I could do without that too.

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'93, Engineering, Dillon 11 PM mass + K of C smoker’s porch.
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This year, alcohol is getting the 40-day crunch. If it wasn’t difficult, it wouldn’t be self-mortification, would it?

Now that I’ve said it publicly, I’ll have to carry through, won’t I?

And I think I’ll start by forgoing the Fat Tuesday riot in Seattle.

Hey, Palandine, we were at ND about the same time. I had a sister who graduated in 94 from ND - she lived in Farley.

I graduated in 95 - Biology.

Nice to see a fellow Domer.


As for what I will give up…I think it might be a good idea to quit my occasional cigarette habit.

I agree about the idea of doing something rather than giving something up, although I think my Catholic-ness is questionable at this point too. I don’t really go to Church anymore and have been looking in other directions for a while now, but I do want to honor the season as one of rebirth and renewal.

On a personal level I’m going to try to get into work on time because lately I’ve stopped caring as much about my job as I should, and I don’t want to be that kind of person. I mean it’s one thing not be be married to my job, but it’s another to wallow in apathy. So I’m going to try to be better about it until I quit, which will be in the next few months.

Not sure what else I’ll do yet…

I think it is great to read up and try to focus your life on more spiritual matters. That is just wonderful. If anyone here knew me, they would know that giving up beer (Guiness esp.) is quite a denial (I usually have 1-2 everyday after work). I am not looking for the Lenten season to be a kind of diet, although all my items are food related, they are just things that I really enjoy, and will miss during this time. But when you compare this to Christ’s agony on the cross, it does seem pretty minor. I am glad to see so many people on this board are doing something positive and spiritual during this time. Don’t give up, remember if you break your vow you really won’t enjoy it anyway. Good luck everyone.

I’m not much of a practicing Catholic anymore, although I have been promising to start going to church again. It’s odd…I go all year without giving much thought to my religion ( I have a relationship with God–I’m religious in that way), but then Lent comes and I just know I’ll go to hell if I eat meat on a Friday, or if I break my Lenten vow. I guess the nuns succeeded with me in that area :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m giving up soda. I used to hardly drink the stuff, but lately (last six months at least), I could drink 5 or 6 cans a day. So, no soda for 40 days. Not just colas either. I’m even giving up root beer, Sprite, and ginger ale. It’ll be rough for a while, but I know that I’ll be healthier.

I’ll be keeping all the rest of you Catholics in my prayers. We’ll get through this :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and decided to do several things.

[li]Take my lunch in at least 3 days a week, set the money aside and donate it to a charity that I feel strongly about.[/li][li]Make it to more than one Mass a week. Saturday evening/sunday morning is great, but I’d like to try to hit a weekday Mass, and the weekly Bible study that my parish offers as well.[/li][li]Walk to the train station every day. This shouldn’t be hard, since I live close to the station, but I catch myself driving the mile more than I should, because I’m running late, so I just need to get up 15 minutes earlier.[/li][/ul]

I was going to do the give up smoking thing, but I tried that last year, and I didn’t make it. This year, I decided to be realistic about it.