What are you going to do in your last week on earth?

According to Chad Daybell the world is going to end on 7/22/20, when he and Lori Vallow will lead the 144,000 chosen ones to the promised land.

So how are you going to spend the next week?


Eat sweets and drive west.

Aw, man, just when I’d decided to take more time off work. Figures. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm. That’s roughly the timeline for US Coronavirus deaths to hit 144,000. Coincidence?!?!?!?

Since I don’t believe it, I’ll keep going to work and lazing about entertaining myself the rest of the time like usual. If I did believe it, I’d take time off work and blow off coronovirus enough to spend time with the members of my family that I’ve been social distancing from…and laze about entertaining myself the rest of the time like usual.

In a lot of ways, I really am living my best life.

As I was reading this thread, the TV showed an advertisement from WMWare, which begins “You can’t predict the future” and so now I’m just not sure if I can trust Chad or not.

I think this is a sign of…something. :need to decipher:

The rapture is way messier than advertised.

For all I know, this IS my last week on earth.

I go on vacation Friday so drinking, fishing, shooting and BBQing.

I’m gonna take Armageddon predictions from a Chad? I wouldn’t trust a Chad to schedule my next oil change.

Making fun of Chad Daybell

Binge watching Season 3 of Norsemen on the 22nd. Just in case he is right I should die laughing.

I’m goin’ for all the gusto! Go big or go home!!

No more steenkin’ face masks for me!!!11!!!

Hopefully, something similar to what I was doing the first week on earth.

Lying around near-naked and screaming a lot?

Kill my step children and move to Hawaii, of course. Aren’t you people paying attention?

Eat the 50-some ice cream sandwiches I have stockpiled in the freezer in my garage. Otherwise nothing different from a regular day.

Oh well, that’s the day, 6 months before my 84th birthday, I get a letter from the motor vehicle bureau telling me I need medical and eye exams to keep my licence. It happens at 75, 80, and every two years thereafter. I guess I can ignore it.

Well, what do you know? 7/23/20 and we’re all still (mostly) here. Maybe Chad and Lori were raptured yesterday.


I will never die.