What are you sending to TN*hippie?

Well? By now he should be in the Grey Bar Hotel- are you sending anything? A card or letter? Some awful glurge off the net? A Chick tract?

The above thread has the address he said things could be sent to. Also, did anyone get a list of allowed items?

I got to thinking about it after reading a thread in IMHO about sending things to boot camp. He must be so lonely in there!

A chick tract? Oh Zette…you meanie.
Can we send money for the commisary?

I don’t normally bump, but I’m gonna :slight_smile:

I sent him a letter, limerick and a couple pages of jokes relating to being in jail (not funny) when he first said he was going to jail and posted an address. Since my letter was “returned to sender,” I am going to now re-send it.

I’m sending him a postcard at least!

But I have a question in reference to the thread that you linked us too here.

Who the heck is ProudAmerican? And why is he posting as TN*Hippie?

I believe TN was visiting his sister or someone- he wasn’t on his usual computer and for some reason he was using that handle. I believe that’s correct (or close).

Like an idiot, I tried to start a limerick thread, so that he would have a few waiting for him when he got out. I’ll try once more.

If anyone gets a return mail or anything letting us know what we can and can’t send, please post it here. In the mean time, I will just be sending letters and such.

i had my surgery. everything is okay except i only have the use of my left hand because of a huge bandage wrap - i am right handed.

i wanted to send him a card to wish him well but i can’t write or drive until i get off the meds. will someone please wish him well from diane.

sorry for the lower case. have you ever tried to hit the shift and a key with one hand. doesn’t work.

i’m goin back to sleep. - smiley face here -