What are you supposed to be doing right now but are on Dope instead?

I’m sitting in class, studying the medical aspects of biochemical warfare. I should be paying closer attention, but we are reviewing for a quiz, and I’ve got it covered. :cool:

What should you be doing right now?

I should be reviewing for my Transfusion Practices test next week, or starting research for my term project.

But I’m not.

Feels great!

(pssst, CynicalGabe, sounds like a fun class! Pay attention and tell me about it later!)

I should be composing, working on typing up missing parts of things from the score for flute ensemble (as the composition kid, I get stuck with jobs like that), and doing my French homework. All at the same time.

Finishing up a multipage draft report on a traffic analysis we did for the local school district and are submitting tomorrow (which is only 10 hours away at this point). But I’m not experienced in writing reports (I’m an engineer), I don’t have a go-by, and I’m not a traffic person. Urgh. Only four or five pages and figures to go.

Figuring out why I’m right and the other guy is wrong – I know I am, and I can kind of explain it but it’s not clear yet. I need to find better words but I’ve apparently already used up today’s alotment so it’s really hard to explain it clearly, even in my head. And once I figure it out, then I have to write it up so it will make sense outside my head. Oh, is this going to be a long night.

I should be catching up on my class readings.

Writing the conclusion to my 10 page paper analyzing the portrail of power in Macbeth and how the character of Macbeth is characterized differently in the Shakespeare text and in the Roman Polanski film.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing. I’d better check with my wife.

Oh yeah, the dishes. See ya.


Conversing with my wife instead of staring at my computer.

On the other hand, she’s sitting next to me on her computer lurking SDMB as well, so I don’t feel too bad. :smiley:

I should be finishing up a yearly review for one of my employees. It’s currently at the yearly mark + 2 months. I’m a terrible, terrible boss.

I have an idea… everyone be boring for a few hours so I can finish without feeling like I’m missing something!



Work tomorrow.


Something that has to do with the Security Market Line.

Yes, it’s just as exciting as it sounds.


Chores are done, I’ve already worn hubby out, just waiting for EQII to get my server back up and running. Could be a long while yet.

Playing poker to cover next month’s mortgage.

Tuning a SQL query. Four table joins and two sub queries.
You did ask. . .
Back to work :o

I should be sleeping, but, I can’t.

I’m finally done with everything and I can go home now.

But very often I’m browsing here while I should be working.

I really need to work on a plan for that.

Studying for tomorrow’s history exam.