What are your characteristic typos?

“cusomter” (unless, like now, I was deliberately trying to type it).
“ocassionally” (somehow, I can never remember if it’s on C and 2 Ss or two Cs and 1S).

“acxross” – no idea why but I never, ever get that right on the first try. In my experience Google products auto-correct that, but Microsoft products do not.

“Ebaby” every time

I have clumsy fingers. I often hit two keys at once. I’d be lost without redline.

My two most frequent errors - atre for are, and yopu for you.

I don’t think I have specific characteristic words, but my most common pattern of typoes is missing keystrokes. Like, “keystrokes” could turn into “kestrokes”, or “keystokes”, or whatever. But I’m also pretty anal about correcting them whenever it happens, so I’m not sure how often this is actually visible.

Back in my days of covering the county courthouse, county was almost always missing the “o.” Two of my four editors were female.

No matter how I tried when proofing my copy, one (county - o) would get through. The desk people said they could clearly tell who wrote the story.

One would hope that spellcheck would catch that, these days, as the version without the ‘o’ is not a valid word (I hope!!).

Colleagues of mine, years back, nearly sent a deliverable to a group at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, with quite a whopper. Turns out, if you remove the ‘L’ from “Public”, that’s also a valid word in English.

My most common unintended typo is “teh” for “the”. I’m getting a mechanical keyboard soon - should be interesting to see how that changes my typo-ing.

I’ve been botching the word “opinion” a lot recently. The last two letters keep getting swapped. A few months ago, I took over handling that section of the paper I work for, so I get way more chances to type that word than I ever did before.

I’ve worked in government for a long time, and one of my greatest career accomplishments was successfully removing the word “pubic” from the enterprise-level Microsoft Word dictionary so it was flagged as a misspelling every time.