What are your default fill-in names?

Years ago, I had to work on a user manual for the Payroll/Personnel system for a large banking company. We had to include actual screenshots of various functions. These included some very personal information, like full name, birthdate, actual salary, bonuses. etc.

We were instructed to use screenshots showing information of the CEO.

The explanation we were given was that all that info about him was public anyway, listed in the company reports to stockholders. (And he probably already had people to deal with harassing phone calls, and guards to protect him.)

Al Paca
This name has gone on several of those - “Send your name to space/a comet/Pluto/etc.”-type NASA, etc. missions as well.

I used to use Ermintrude DaCao a lot.

My husband has Testy O’User.

My normal fake names are what Moe Syzlak would call out, like Oliver Klozhoff or Anita Mandic. Nunya Bidness and Yur Mom work too.

Bartholomew Wigglebottom.

My stand-by is Stabby McShiv.

junk1 junk2 junk3

I use the word junk for anything that is wrong data. Deleting junk from my files is then easy.

Regina Philangee. I also have two I made up that are anagrams: Tami Lenora = I am not real, and Sheena A Dabkuf = unabashed fake.

I like Tami Lenora. I may steal it for future use.

Rusty Shackleford

Biggus Dickus.

Derek Smalls, and dsmalls@ibm.com, if they ask for an email address, because I reckon that there may well be a D. Smalls at IBM, so it sounds plausible.

When you get one of those US sites that insists on a “ZIP code”, I think many of us enter 90210. They must get tired of that, but it’s the only ZIP code that anybody outside North America knows. I presume it’s the postal code for Beverly Hills.

On online forms, I feel like I’m lying if my name isn’t obviously fake. I’ve used Notmy Realname, as well as notmyreal@email.com. I also use 90210 for a fake zip code, and usually try a 555 number for the phone number, although some systems have forced me to actually look up the area and city codes for Beverly hills.

True junk data, I probably use John Doe, or just make up a name on the spot. Thought I must admit the idea of having some standard would be a good idea: maybe ZZZack ZZZuckerman, so it will be at the bottom of the list, and thus easy to delete.

Hootie de Owl.

Anna Banana or Kissy M. Assey.
If it asks for a phone number, I use the local loser line number (the one you give to people in bars)

Itzhak Polonius Frehley. (Look at the initials.)

Jonquil Patterson is my go-to fake name for signing up for internet junk, although I haven’t used it in ages. There’s no story behind it, I just produced it out of thin air one day and kept using it.

Melissa Farrington. I have no idea why.

OK, why not?

BTW, I just realized that “Poop Doodoo” came from a Straight Dope column.

Lobet Unam.