What are your hobbies?

D’oh! I forgot biking, which I do every day now. :smack:

Cooking is quite relaxing (well, if you’re experienced :wink: ) and it develops good hand-eye coordination, reflexes (grab that egg before it rolls of the counter) and logistical planning. Sadly, it also mandates that you have to eat the food you cook; since I’m trying to do less of the eating, I end up doing less of the cooking.

Other than cooking, there’s reading, films, (mountain) biking, writing, juggling, hiking, getting/staying current with developments in Linux, perl, and Python, and…we’ll, I guess that’s about it. Kind of boring, really.


I don’t count reading or watching movies or listening to music since they’re all ways of life. Similarly, I’ve gotta eat and I have a huge garden, so putting extra work into both improves my overall quality of life, so I don’t really count those as “hobbies” either.

I one of the few Dopers who collects stamps (in fact, you can count the philatelists here on one hand). I have an extensive international topical (movies) stamp collection, but the only stuff I accumulate these days are US film-related FDCs. I also collect movie lobby cards on postcards, which I apply to the FDC collection.

Collecting records and CDs (which includes all the research and stuff)
Restoring rare records on the computer
Restoring old photographs on the computer
Designing CD jewel case inserts
Playing music (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards)
Writing and recording music
I’m a gearhead (sound gear, broadcasting gear)
Learning about the history of radio broadcasting
Come to think of it, my job is one of my hobbies (I’m a broadcaster.)

Wow, that looks really one-dimensional in print. I’m not boring, really! I promise! And I’m never bored. At least I’m focussed.

Scrapbooking, sometimes (way behind)
Spending too much time here
I have a stamp collection, but haven’t worked on it in about 5 years–since I had kids, in fact
Folktales, folksongs

Current hobbies, as the list changes from time to time:

flying airplanes (1:1 scale, not RC)
needlework - knitting, crochet, embroidery, needlepoint, etc.
piano playing
internet message boards
writing down my adventures
walking for exercise

playing the piano
maintaining my online music and photos
Toastmasters (I’m currently the president of my club)
t’ai chi
grad school

Not a long list, but I don’t feel bored! :slight_smile:

Martial arts
Minor home improvement tasks
work (well, not really a hobby, but I do love my job)

And, my lapsed hobbies:
Airplanes (small ones, but ones that are big enough to fit humans in 'em – all this 9-11 security stuff around DC took all the fun out of it, though)
Computer games
Learning Chinese

Sigh – I used to be so much more interesting. The last of my actual hobbies, for better or for worse, eats up a lot of goofing-off time

kayaking (I built one from a kit, but I wouldn’t call kayak bulding a hobby )
1:1 scale airplane flying
role playing games
thinking board games (e.g. Settlers of Catan)
amateur radio (hence my user name)
computers / electronics

probably stuff I forgot.


I am a part time professional magician.
Martial arts
Computers/Surfing the web
Roller blading

Indygrrl, sex isn’t a hobby… it’s a NECESSITY! :slight_smile:

Horseback riding (I compete in hunter/jumpers)
Playing piano
And, my new one, knitting (and I suck too Anaamika. I just get really funky yarn so no one notices)

Gaming - all types of games from classic Backgammon to modern Chez Geek
Teaching Gaming - I am a MIB for SJGames
RPGs - mainly D&D and GURPS
LARPing - started with Vampire:TM but now mostly LARP conventions
Reading - fantasy/sci-fi, mysteries, horror, historical adventures, war fiction
Surfing the web - whatever catches my eye… (yes and porn too)
Computer Games - PC adventure games (not console games)

Yah know? It’s lucky I’ve always had a very active job to keep me fit, otherwise I’d never get out of my chair.

Yay! Someone after my own heart! I do *exactly * the same thing, no kidding.

I’m a big movie buff.
I also read like it’s going out of style. I always have a book in my hand.
I like net surfing, obviously.
And hiking is nice too when I get around to doing it.

Aside from all that, I don’t really do much. It’s a simple life.

Fencing épée
Photography, kinda
I used to play a lot of video games, mostly RPGs, but these days the only new video games I play are sports games (baseball, football). I still play a lot of the classics, both on the old consoles and on the PC.

Chainmail and beadwork
Taking long, meandering late-night walks
Belly dancing
Memorising poetry

I won’t count reading, cooking, etc. Hobby to me implies part-time occupation, something I’m interested in but don’t do semi-constantly.

Knitting (another sucky knitter here)
Word Puzzles
Building short waves and other radios
Cooking/Baking (this one must be revised due to new health issues, but I don’t think it will stop me)
Drawing houses, “building” them using a CAD program
Interior design
Sound engineering
Writing music (mostly electronic, but I play a little guitar, bass, and drums when necessary… and I can play a mean ukelele :wink: )

Paying bills
Rejecting dates on one pretext or another
Grocery shopping

Sadly, work’s been so busy lately, I haven’t had time to indulge in many of these hobbies. :wink:

Cooking random new things and making other people eat them
Traveling to strange places to see things I’ve never seen before (Pacific Beach, anyone?)
Reading stuff to make me smarter (or less smart)
Seeing plays, particularly little community theater things
Going to concerts, particularly little community concert things

Hand Drumming
Strongman events / Highland Gaming

Skateboarding/Trying not to get run over by BMX pros
Writing really cheesy short stories
Making crystal bead jewelry
(Mostly just) reading message boards
Traveling, especially out of state to see bands and to skate
Teaching myself Swedish, but am very out of practice