What are your nicknames for your friends?

Vinnie is short for a friends long italian last name. He looks like a Vinnie.

**Gas Pump **is for my BFF who had an incident at a gas pump this summer.

Gimpy is for Gas Pump’s husband, who likes to motocross and has broken his ankle two ( possibly three) times.

Pool Boy. Has a PhD in Chemistry, but every time I see him he is working on the pool. He is sometimes called bBeer Fairy as every time he comes to someone’s house he is carrying an armload of beer.

ADHD is Poolboy’s wife. One of my BFF. She is also known as **Zen, Yogi **and I’ve Lost My KEYS!

Captain Von Trapp is my husband. He is also Mr. Wonderful. He is sometimes Twitchy because of getting twitching watching Gimpy and GasPump work on their cottage in non-kosher safety ways.

I have no nickname.

Only one I can think of right now is Mr. Gunne for my friend Tom. We all call him Tommy, he and I are huge Clash fans, we started calling him Tommy Gun, and have ended up with the more formal Mr. Gunne.

No nicks for me either.

Homie is me. Just about everybody calls me that (even my wife, my in-laws, etc.), except for people at work (and I imagine they’ll come around before too long). My real name is Aaron.

Mac Daddy is my BFF. He recently got a job with the State of Illinois, and his job title is M.A.C. (I don’t know what it stands for; he doesn’t either). So he says his job is “Mac Daddy,” and that’s what we call him. His real name is John.

G is for a guy who is the exact opposite of a G (as in O.G., Original Gangsta). For some reason we started calling him that, and it stuck. He even named his fantasy football team The West Side G’s. His real name is Steve.

^And yes, I just told you about three middle-aged suburban white guys whose nicknames are Homie, Mac Daddy and G. What?

Chubby is for a friend who is, well, chubby. FTR, he doesn’t mind being called that; in fact, if you call him by his real name he might not even realize you were talking to him. His real name is Jim.

Poof is the developmentally disabled brother of one of the guys in our FF league, and he always hangs out with us when we have the draft or get together to party and watch a game. Like Chubby, he loves his nickname and if you call him by his real name, he might not realize you were talking to him. His real name is Mike.

Hector is my father. He got that name because back in the day he and his dad worked a garbage route Grandpa owned, so his friends called him Hector the Garbage Collector. About the only people who call him by his real name are his stepkids. His real name is Mark.

Lunchbox is Mrs. Homie’s nephew. When he was about 12, he spent a weekend at out house and got all excited when he saw that I had Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back on DVD. His mom wouldn’t let him watch it at home, so I did the moral thing and let him watch it at my house. I took to calling him Lunchbox because that’s what Jay calls Silent Bob in a couple of scenes. His real name is Andrew.

Counselor Ho is what we call an attorney friend we once caught in a ridiculous Hawaiian shirt. That’s usually followed by humming Tiny Bubbles.

C Fry or Ceegus Frygus is for Charlie who’s always screwing up, or frying royally.

Egg is Robert’s brother who’s a bit girthy. His other girthy brother we call Shape.

I’m Lucky and Pierre because of my last name.

Drunken is Duncan who’s wife won’t let him drink so he gets blitzed when she’s out of town.

240 Gordie is Gordon who shoots a 240 Remmington.

Tom’s face is always flushed so we call him Rosie or Helga. We figure most Helgas are going to have rosie cheeks, so there you go.

Troy is Detroit.

Creig is Maguiver cuz he looks like 'em.

His Largeness is Sheffy who played for the Jets and once whipped a bear on stage in a bar.

Fairy Berry is Ray Berry who played linebacker for the Vikings.

Gov is Archie who looks exactly like Rick Perry.

I don’t have many friends with nicknames anymore, but I do use blanket coverage nicknames for most of humanity.

Cowboy, Pal, Amigo, or Babe is what I call men that I think are OK (including strangers)
Sweetheart, Darlin’, Angelface or Babe is what I call women I think are OK (including strangers)
Cat, Dude or Guy is what I call people, in conversation, who’s name I don’t know or can’t remember
Gal, Chiquita or sometimes Broad is what I call people, in conversation, who’s name I don’t know or can’t remember
Shithead, Asshole, Dumbass or Dingus is what I call people who piss me off

Many of my groups of friends and co-workers have names that repeat frequently:

Jason the first - Jimmy, after his briefly used stage name of Jimmy Monte Cristo.
Jason the second - Maud’ib (we were in the sci-fi club in college)
Scott the first - Potato Scott. He was bald, and had an oddly lumpy head.
Scott the second - New and Improved Scott. We also had a New and Improved Pat.
John the first - Jesus, as when we met him he had long hair and a beard much like the ones often portrayed on catholic iconography.
John the second - usually referred to by his surname.

Most of the co-workers are generally referred to by their two-syllable surnames. Co-workers with one-syllable surnames are often addressed by their full names. One whose initials were P.O. got called Po-po a lot.

My paternal grandparents, Alan and Nancy, are known in our family as Sid and Shorty. Sid is short for Sydney - someone thought the name suited him because of his dignified bearing.
My aunt is Langey. It was how her little brother used to pronounce Helen.
My uncle is Undies - a play on Andy.
My mother is Haggis. Dad tried the dish once and declared that it was “Quite nice, really - just like her.”
My sister is Lanna. (The ‘La’ is pronounced as in ‘glad’.)
My brother is Spot, or just The Boy.
I call my friend Cabbage for reasons that are confusing even to us.
The same friend calls me wench.
Other friends call me Erry Fairy because my name is Erica.

What a funny thread. On my birthday I got lots of “happy birthday!” greetings on facebook. I noticed that most of my friends were not called by name when I thanked them.

Claire is called Lumpy (after Clarence “Lumpy” Rutherford, on Leave it to Beaver)
Geneva is Nemo (because my boy couldn’t say Geneva)
Patrick is Packy
Joseph is Phiss (originally JoPhiss)
Marieka is Marty (originally this was a typo, I think)
Liz is known by her last name (is that really a nickname?)
Elizabeth is Bippsou (originally Eliza-Bipps, shortened to Bipps, lengthened to Bippsou…say this like she is an exchange student…very lilting voice etc.)

I could keep going…but I suspect this is only amusing to me.

We have name designators for the kids with duplicate names around here.

There is :

Emily by-the-lake.
Cheerleading Emily
Paved Driveway Emily
Neighbor Emily, also known as Emily Down The Street.
(There are a few more Emily’s, but they are just Emily In My Class.)

Football Austin
Soccer Austin
2nd Grade Austin (He’s now in 6th grade, but he shared a class with my son in 2nd grade.)

Sara, Katie’s Sister.
Sarah with an H.
The other Sara, no H who is not Katie’s sister. Sir, not appearing in this film.

Caleb in my class
Wrestling Caleb.

Jacob from Football
Wrestling Jacob
(There is another Jacob, but I cannot remember if we name him or not.)

Audrey Squirrels in her Pants. ( Serious ADHD & Behavior issues.)
The Other Audrey. ( Normal, sweet kid.)

Dry Cleaners Madison. ( mom owns a drycleaners)
The Other Madison.

Brandon No Hair. (His brother below has shoulder length hair. The kid is adorable.)
Grayson The Benetton kid. ( Braydon’s brother and he is even CUTER than his sibling. All the kids in that family are fekkin’ gorgeous.)

Which is why my kids were given names that are not in the top 1000. It’s just easier.

I have large, hairy male friends named Grimace and Baby.

I seem to have a preponderance of duplicate names in my life. The short list is…

Scott the Younger
Scot the Elder

Premium my girlfriend.

Roach my brother.

Jub Jub myself in highschool.

Scruffy McGee myself when I visit Premium’s place of work.

Sugar Bear, myself to Premium.

Obselete names include Orvy, Fridgey, Pikey, Turnout, Jack, Tractor, George, Two Cuts.

Most of the nicknames that I use regulary derived from young children who couldn’t pronounce names properly.

Caffiene - Real name Kathleen
Nennie - Real name Jennie
Mema - Real Name Rima
Dizzy - Real Name Lindsay.

I’m occasionally called Smelly (derived from my real name Melody, not because of an odor problem)

We affectionately call my stepdad P-Diddy or P-dawg, mostly because he (like the rest of us) is incredibly white and unhip.

My good friend Matt we often call Fatty Matty McButterpants. I stole this from another Matt, a former co-worker of my sister’s, who was known by the same moniker. In both cases, they are weedy, thin guys. He is also known as Crab-san or Crabby-san (accompanied by holding up both your hands like crab pincers and either bowing or pinching wildly). This is for rather involved reasons.

I’m rather bashful to report that my family occasionally calls our half-Korean brother in law Chinaman. Including his wife. No offense is meant or taken, though!

My sisters and I all tend to affectionately call each other by names like Smelly, Stanky (or just Stank), Stankfactory, Ugly or (for inexplicable reasons) Dicksmack. This isn’t insulting. If I yell out “Hey, smelly!” in a crowded room, it’s understood that I mean one of my sisters.

My fat, hairy friend Mark is referred to by the group as the “Mattsquach”, or just “Squach”.

My bald friend Shawn I call “Melonhead” or “Peanut”.

I am called “the Wookie”, as well as many many many nicknames based on my last name, which is irritatingly rhymable.

Many years ago my group of friends encountered a lot of guys named Chris. The first Chris was allowed to remain such (though he was often referred to as Chris-Kyo, based on the Korean phrase for his martial arts title). Each subsequent Chris had to be renamed. We got the last Chris to join us in playing at SCA events, so he got to use his persona’s name.
The same thing happened when we met a second Travis, but we thought the new Travis was sort of a d-bag, so we called him “Bernice.” No, we were not especially nice or thoughtful boys.

Flash, because she’s been flashed several times.

I’m Hat, because I wear a hat all the time. (Or Troy, by people I know from online.)

So when will you start identifying him as Israel? :eek:

My Japanese friend is, quite appropriately, I think, Bruce Lee. We think that he looks a lot like him. The ‘him’ being BL, of course. (We know that he looks like himself.) He has also backed down more than one tough guy with some fake Kung Fu action/pirouette. He was earlier christened ‘**The General’ **because he had such a suave, and imperial air, and could ALWAYS get the high road, irrespective to how full of nonsense that he was, and because we were in our ‘Egalite, Fraternite, whatever’ phase, we didn’t want to crown him 'His Majesty.’
My devil-worshipping friend is Lucifer.
I am Thor.