What are your pet peeves?

I can NOT stand when someone uses the “last” of something and doesn’t replace it.

I can NOT stand when someone takes something from where it belongs and leaves it somewhere else

I can NOT stand when people don’t use their blinkers when turning

I can NOT stand when people chew their nails/hair

What really urks you?

Tardyness! It should be punished! I detest having to wait for people, if you say you are going to be at a certain place at a certain time, just be there!

Also slow people at ATM’s or even worse the automated Ticket sellers at movie theaters.


People wearing headphones and playing their music so loud that I can hear it too.

The same goes for people playing their music in their cars so loud that I can hear it in my car. Especially if it’s actually painful to me.

People who start threads I’ve been thinking about for two days before I can get to it! :slight_smile:

Dumb new rules at work that my sandals have to have a backstrap. (But at least I’ve got an excuse to buy new shoes now!)

People who do half-assed jobs and think they should be praised for the work they did.

The rain that won’t stop!!!

I know it sounds uppity but it irks me when people use poor grammar or spelling. All the time. Even if it’s the basic misuse of there/their/they’re or your/you’re or to/too/two. I’m not even an English teacher, but gahhh that ticks me off.

Ditto on the music-so-loud-my-eardrums-throb-from-the-pounding-bass. I have sensitive ears to begin with but wtf?

Friends of mine and I use “eh” (not the Canadian ‘ayy’ but more like ‘so-so’ or ‘whatever’) in conversation, either in person or online. But I HATE HATE HATE when one particular friend says it because she uses it as such a brush-off, especially when she’s asked for advice and then thinks your idea is lousy. Whenever she says it online, I immediately close the IM window because it pisses me off soooooo much.

(I meant when she has asked for advice)