What are your plans for St. Patrick's Day?

I think, for the first time in many a year, I’m gonna venture into Dublin city and see the parade and the interior of various pubs. I might catch some music along the way. What are you planning?

If I remember, I’ll wear a bit of green to work. I’ll also bring in the See’s candy potatoes that my sister sent to me. There are six of them in that box and there’s no way that I can handle all that sugar. I’ll slice them up and set them out in the break room.

Lots of green beer, and some corned beef and cabbage.

We always have a big mass. Our church is St Patrick’s, so it’s our patronal feast.

I’m off work that day and am planning a day out in Town, taking photographs and such. Since none of that is St Patrick’s Day related, I’ll make a point of wearing green and putting on my leprachaun earrings.

Hopefully I’ll get off work in time to go downtown to see our parade. Then go have some beer.

Cunctator, ate you Roman Catholic or Anglican? swampbear, a fellow Doper, is Episcopal(as am I) and his parish is St. Patrick’s as well, in Georgia.


That’s a Thursday?


Our work is having a “Going Green” day with a class using recyclables to do something interesting. The one I signed up for is making a bracelet out of buttons. Beyond that I’ll wear green and give my Meals on Wheels clients cards and green candy / flowers.

I will treat the masses to some ropey tin whistle playing. I’ll be making a donation to the bar of salmon and soda bread. At some point I’ll play the Air Bodhran

I’m in Savannah Ga, where St. Patrick’s Day is the biggest holiday of the year. I’m planning on going downtown, drinking while watching the parade, then drinking and partying all day. I expect to be stumbling around downtown by about 4pm… Which will just be the start of the festivities :slight_smile:

I love St. Patty’s day in Savannah!

I think I am going to slow cook (12 hours or longer) some nice beef brisket.

If I am a little peevish with any of the housemates, might make them green tinted mashed taters.

It’s a Thursday…so I’ll be working. At a liquor store. If its anything like Ash Wednesday it’ll be busy…wow.

Working. And wondering if I could PLEASE have something else besides corned beef and cabbage (since I heavily dislike both).

I’ll probably go see my old college friend’s Irish punk band play. I’ve seen them once before. I have one of their CDs and listen to them on my iPod. I like them.

Epic Pub Crawl II in downtown Raleigh.:smiley:

So I’ll be at a bar eating a boiled dinner, and enjoying some music.

Why would you eat that? Is it an Irish American thing?

I’ll be spending the day avoiding Dublin City centre. People seem to think that anything goes on that day.

I’ve got none. Alas, I’m at an age where very few of my friends like to go out and I am not really one to go to a bar alone.

Corned beef and cabbage is, in fact, Irish-American. The Irish adopted that when they couldn’t find Irish bacon.

I’ll make it this year, as I always do. Then I’ll go to the grocery store the day after and buy a few more when they go on sale for half-price. We love us some corned beef. :smiley: