What are your plans for tonight? 10/31/03

I apologize if this is covered elsewhere. I didn’t find anything from the past week.

So, what are you doing tonight?

I’ll be celebrating with some friends. We usually start early at my place to eat pizza and put the finishing touches on our costumes. Around 7:30 we head over to where I work to park and walk over to Franklin Street.

The town is expecting around 75,000 people to turn up this year :eek:
Press release here. This isn’t an official town function, but they finally came to terms with this happening every year and I like to think that the majority of people are there just to have a good safe time.

There have been some fantastic costumes in the past and I especially enjoy the themes. My favorite was the group who went as the State Fair. They set up a small booth with hay and carny games and they gave out live goldfish. I remember there was a strong man, a bearded lady, and a very enthusiastic cow. <mooOOOOoooo!!!> Everyone in the group played their part very well.

Some groups put on short skits and there’s usually a drumming circle or two as well. We’ll walk up and down the way a couple of times and then find a place on the side to stand and watch everybody else go by. We’ll probably get our pictures taken by tourists and a sleazy guy who wants only cleavage shots (yeah guy, I saw where you were aiming last year!). Apparently people actually travel here for this event, but I don’t see it as all that much fun.

The drunks can be pretty tiring after a while, especially the ones who don’t even bother to dress up, unless idiot college student IS their costume. We’ll leave around eleven or midnight, once we are outnumbered by the plain-clothed party poopers.

The plan is to then head over to Bully’s in Durham for the drag king show. We’ve gone to see a group called the Cuntry Kings often before and expect tonight’s show to be just as good. Afterwards, we’ll come back to my place to wind down for a few minutes and then everyone will go their own way for the end of an exhausting night.

And you?

I’ll be taking my daughters (ages 1.5 and 2.5) trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. They are dressed, respectively, as a Panda and a Lion Dancer. Then we’ll go home and pass out candy for other kids. Later, I’ll probably have a beer.

Ah…suburban parenthood. It’s great!

I’m flying to Columbus for OhDope! The big party is Saturday night.

Home, 6:30.

Drop the candy in the House Bowl (getting crap I hate and won’t be tempted to eat, like Gummi Bears and Raisinettes).

Eat some fattening “comfort food” for dinner.

Call my Mom.

Watch Shadow of the Vampire on teevee.

Bed, midnightish.

Us single New York gals on the go! Just like an episode of Sex and the City. Only without the sex. Or the city.

Flying to Montreal for the weekend.

Either I’ll be answering the door and giving out goodies, or my daughter and her friends will take that duty, in which case I’ll be sewing another cushion cover and doing laundry.

I’ll be dressed as a frumpy, middle-aged, suburban housewife - no apron, no pearls.

This is my first Halloween as a married woman, but the hubby will be working late again so it’ll be just like old times. :smiley:

I got my scary movies last night, hoping the selection would be better than tonight. ‘Invasion of the body snatchers’ (which I’ve never seen), ‘Weird Science’ and ‘Mars wants women!’. The movies and the ‘trick-or-treat candy as dinner’ should make for a pretty good evening!

Hopefully the trick-or-treaters won’t be rude like they were the last time I handed out candy.

At 6pm eastern time, i’ll be hopping on a plane from Baltimore to Los Angeles, arriving at about 8.40pm Pacific time. There, i will meet up with my girlfriend, and we will board United Airlines flight 815 for Sydney, Australia. The following 14 hours or so will be one long nightmare of discomfort and boredom, but the payoff will be a 7 week holiday, visiting family and friends in Australia.

And it’s spring down there.


Being Halloween and all, i keep thinking about the final segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie. I’ll be keeping an eye out for gremlins on the wing. :slight_smile:

This is the first year my and my minions (5 kids) are not going in some kind of theme costume. We’ve been rabbits, a herd of cows, M&M’s, a deck of cards, etc. This year most are doing some Lord of the Rings character, but we don’t really have a theme going.

Then the kids pig out until mom takes their loot away. Mom stays home and hands out candy to the pittance that climb our hill.

Conflicted emotions: I love taking my daughter our trick-or-treating (son’s too old to be seen with Dad; he’ll be out with his friends). But, I also love being at the door when the wee ones come by. I can’t be in both places at once.

Either way, it’s a “traditional” Halloween with jack-o-lanterns, kids in costumes, and one old fart wandering around with a big stupid grin on his face.:smiley:

I’ll be handing out candy (and eating some), drinking Dominion Stout, and watching horror movies. I decided to make tonight’s viewing a zombie fest, so I’ll be watching my branbd-new 28 Days Later DVD, plus Dawn of the Dead, and Return of the Living Dead.

Candy, beer, and B-R-A-A-A-I-I-I-N-S!!

Hey sWitchazel, I expect I’ll be watching you and your friends from the comfort of Top of the Hill. (I’m getting a little old and my shoes are too uncomfortable to do the parading up-and-down Franklin Street thing … but then I say that every year.)

If you see a blonde Minerva McGonagall in an ankle-length green dress and a hat that keeps blowing off, that’ll be me :slight_smile:

Class until 9:30.

9:30-midnight - clean house in preparation for carpet cleaners, arriving 8 AM tomorrow.

I was never much of a Halloween person.

I have two parties to go to. I’m still a little unsure as to my costume, but it’ll be together by the time I head out the door.

Honestly, I’d rather stay home but my friends are dragging me out, so I’ll go to both of them.

Too bad I don’t have an Oscar the Grouch costume. That’s me today.

As I write this it’s 6.45pm UK time, and my 13 year old daughter and her friends have just returned from trick or treating, all dressed up as (ahem, tarty) devils. They have been given the run of upstairs for the night, with lots of spooky decorations and lights, and a good supply of scary videos. There is much cackling going on …

All I gotta do is keep the food coming … and sleep on the sofa. :smiley:


I’m sitting at home working and enjoying the quiet. I accidentally threw away the trick-or-treaters allowed here sign to put on the door, so they won’t be knocking, the room-mate has a party to go to and the boyfriend will be at work. So I’ll just be sitting here working on my comics in peace. :slight_smile:

9 kids have come so far. My daughter isn’t here, so I have candy duty. I had to lock the dog in my bedroom because she was barking at the kids…

Just had a little “Batman” tell me “thank you” about 10 times - he was sooooooo cute!!

Apparently I’m going to spend the first three or four hours chiseling my car out of ice. Stupid freezing rain, crap’s gotta be 1/4 inch thick :mad:

My brother, sister-in-law, and their kids stopped by so I just got back from Trick or treating. They live way out in the boonies so they drove to my house, parked here and we walked around a goodly part of my neighborhood. It was cold, but a lot of fun. There is a house a few blocks away that does a big display for Halloween - graveyards, coffins, spiderwebs, and spooky music. I actually got scared when a guy walked out of a standing coffin - I had walked by and I thought it was a mannequin.

No one comes to our house, so I’m just sitting here waiting for my BF to get home so we can go to the gym.

Surviving the trick or treat madness! My 6 & 8 yr-old boys made out like bandits.
Happy All Hallow’s Eve – hey, don’t we need a black cat? Here you go: