What Are Your Religious Beliefs?

I hope this is the definitive poll on a rather common question.

You’re missing a lot of stuff here. Many of us cherry pick. I marked secularist because that’s how I act to others but I am an actively spiritual person.

I’m Baha’i.

What the hell is a “secularist”?

For what it’s worth, I usually refer to myself as a “theist”, as in I believe in a vague sort of God, but not really any specific religion. Then again, I guess I still have some traces of Catholicism in me. You can take the girl out of the Catholic church… :wink:

As long as you leave the altar boys (amirite?).

Also, seconding the request for a definition of “secularist.” I’ve only seen it used as a dirty word by Christians–I’ve never seen someone proud of calling themselves a secularist, or read a set of beliefs with that name.

Well, you know they have altar girls now? :wink: My sister was one of the first ones at our church, actually. No, she wasn’t molested – the big scandel at OUR parish was the pastor and his secretary were embezzling millions from the church to fund gambling trips to Atlantic city, big fancy cars, antique collections, etc. (Just google “Fr. Walter Benz”)

Oh, here’s a good one
Okay, Curtis, sorry for the hijack. Go on.

That’s “Other Religion.”

Agnostic is the best fit from those offered…

But I’m partial to Ignostic, or Theological Noncognitivist. :slight_smile:

The first is a virtual synonym for one definition of agnosticism, the other is a political belief which could coexist with any of the doctrines or attitudes listed.

As an independent poll choice, maybe it works for agnostics who don’t identify with the other definition of agnosticism.

I have to :dubious: a little at a slotting that puts Mormons and Unitarians together, two of the most functionally different religious groups I have ever encountered.


I went with secularist because that’s how I see myself - as someone whose beliefs are based on what I experience of the world not on faith in somebody else’s supposed experiences and as somebody who doesn’t think anyone should be able to impose their religious beliefs on other people who do not wish to accept them.


My parents were episcopal, I did the church/Sunday school, got confirmed as a kid - never believed. It always seemed crazy that all the adults I knew believed that stuff, was a relief to grow up and find out I wasn’t alone.

Especially since Unitarians aren’t necessarily Christians.

Thank Og I’ve outgrown this phase and I’m not one anymore, but which option should a conservative non-denominational born-again Christian who believes in things such as creationism and the rapture pick? Christian-Protestant Other, along with the Lutherans and Anglicans? :dubious:

Theistic evolutionist

You forgot non existent. I just don’t think in religious terms (but I suppose that is covered by secularist).

Huh, that’s a toughie.

I suppose you could call me a Christian deist with leanings towards Paganism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

It’s also covered by atheist too. For certain definitions of atheism.

The poll itself is not (and therefore responses to it will not be) definitive in any way, as it is heavily biased towards followers of specific religious denominations, and confusingly worded for the irreligious.

But at least he’s trying, I guess.


I have to say, you’re the first Baha’i I’ve ever encountered outside of Haifa, except for those guys by the statue of Garibaldi.

I’m a New Atheist. Mom is a non-practicing/non-believing Lutheran and dad is a non-practicing Roman Catholic.