What are your thoughts about this post-apocalyptic, dark humor, webcomic?

Gone with the Blastwave

The comic is basically a series of vignettes about two soldiers in a post-nuclear armageddon world lost in a ruined city, filled with humor about the bleak circumstances they find themselves in, and the pointlessness of their situation. It was originally inspired by a single illustration the author made, available here (read the caption… :smiley: ).

Not only do I find the art really impressive, but I enjoy the humor, and I’m impressed with how consistent the tone of the comic is, and how subtle it can be. I just found this series the other day, and can’t stop thinking about it. I’d love to hear some other people’s impressions of it.

Some quick thoughts:
1.) the art style makes me think of that Norman Rockwell propaganda painting from WW2… the Lone Gunner?
2.) While the comic isn’t preachy, and this may not be the intent of the creator at all, but I feel like this is probably one of the more poignant commentaries on the madness of war, especially the prospect of Nuclear War.
3.) I LOVE the soldier’s combat-gear design!

PS. Check out some of the artist’s other work on their Deviant Art page, pretty impressive stuff, if you ask me.


I meant to link you guys to the Home page, not to the beginning of the comic. :smack:

Oh well, I guess it doesn’t really make much of a difference.

Also, as for the page with the original piece of art; if you click on the image you’ll see a large-size version of it (for those of you who might not be familiar with Deviant Art’s web-design).

That’s totally freaking sick.

I injured myself laughing.

I absolutely love it, and it made my day when I came across it a couple of weeks ago.

I have to say, though, that I find it very reminiscent of Red vs. Blue, although I believe the author when he says that he hasn’t intentionally lifted anything from them.